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  • Layout Ideas for Fashion Exhibitions

    Layout ideas for fashion exhibitions require you to take the venue into careful consideration before planning begins. Get layout ideas for fashion exhibitions with help from the founder and producer… Read More

  • Fun Things to Help Motivate Coworkers at Work

    A motivated and happy employee is a productive employee. Learn about fun things you can do to help motivate co-workers at work with help from a public relations and human… Read More

  • How Much Do Firefighters Get Paid?

    Only about 10 percent of American firefighters get paid for what they do, but those that do get paid average between $30,000 and $55,000 a year. Discover how career firefighters… Read More

  • Firefighter Job Description

    The job description for a firefighter focuses on preventing and putting out fires, as well as protecting the community. Find out more about firefighter jobs with tips from an experienced… Read More

  • Firefighter Salary

    Firefighter salary begins around $30,000 per year and goes up to $70,000 per year. Learn about the determining factors for a firefighter's salary with tips from an experienced professional firefighter… Read More

  • Firefighter Tools: Spring Loaded Punch

    Firefighters use the spring loaded punch in extrication operations to break through side windows and rear windows of passenger vehicles See gear, such as the spring loaded punch, firefighters use… Read More

  • Firefighting Knots: Chimney Hitch

    Using an anchor point, secure two objects with a chimney hitch knot. Learn to tie a fireman's chimney hitch knot in this free firefighting video from a fire captain. Read More

  • Firefighting Knots: Handcuff Knot

    A proper handcuff knot should look like a pretzel. Learn to tie a fireman's handcuff knot in this free firefighting video from a fire captain. Read More

  • Firefighting Knots: Tying Rescue Harnesses

    Using eight feet rope with loops, learn how firefighters tie a victim to a rescue harness in this free firefighting video from a fire captain. Read More

  • How to Become a Life Art Model

    Life art modeling is different from posing for a magazine, as life art models aren't really trying to sell anything, but rather they are becoming the vision of an artist.… Read More

  • Poses for Female Models

    When female models are doing different poses, they are connecting with the photographer, who will always be providing guidance. Discover ways to be creative and unique when posing as a… Read More

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