Maintenance Jobs

  • DIY Gantry Crane

    A gantry crane is a structure that has at least two legs that support a bridge or beam. The device allows you to move loads from one location to another.… Read More

  • How to Be a Good Janitor

    A janitor's main responsibility is to clean and maintain an area within a building (or the entire building). A janitor typically removes trash, though they may also be responsible for… Read More

  • Does a Hydraulic Reservoir Need Venting?

    Hydraulic systems require air to transmit energy through the system. The hydraulic reservoir acts as a fluid storage area for the system. Enough fluid is stored in the reservoir to… Read More

  • What Happens When I Have a Leaky Condenser?

    Any air-conditioning system has three main components that must work together to produce cool air. The compressor, evaporator and condenser are the three components that perform most of this work.… Read More

  • Calibrating a Boiler Pressure Gauge

    Boiler pressure gauges monitor the pressure in a boiler system. The gauge, like many measuring devices, sometimes requires calibration in order to continue displaying pressure accurately. According to Ashcroft, you… Read More

  • What Is the Difference Between an R410 and an R22 Compressor?

    Air conditioners use different types of refrigerants, which are called R-22 or R-410A. The type of air compressors used for each type of refrigerant are also different. The R-22 compressors… Read More

  • Disadvantage of Shaft Couplings

    Shaft couplings connect one shaft to another shaft, such as the drive shaft of a motor to the shaft that turns the gears. Many different types of shaft couplings are… Read More

  • Problems With Stepper Motors

    The biggest difference between a stepper motor and a standard DC motor is the stepper motor does not have any brushes. The stepper motor's rotation position can be precisely controlled.… Read More

  • Genie Lift Malfunctions

    Genie Lift is a company that produces material handling devices as well as man lifts or baskets. Certain malfunctions can develop while operating one of these devices. By properly troubleshooting… Read More

  • What Is a Journeyman Technician?

    Technicians repair and maintain equipment in a variety of trades and professions, from laboratory and medical equipment to heaters, cars and computers. They receive the designation journeyman after they have… Read More

  • Checklists for Substation Compliance

    Substation inspections are important in that they detect problems that not only could be deadly or injurious to employees, but also to the community at large. As Tennessee Valley Authority… Read More

  • Definition of Jumping Electrical Wires

    Jumping wires is an electrical troubleshooting term. It does not refer to jump-starting a car's battery, though battery jumper cables carry out the same basic function as electrical jumper wires… Read More

  • How to Measure for Packing for Hydraulic Cylinders

    The main locations to install hydraulic cylinder packings and seals are around the cylinder piston and at the rod end of the cylinder. Seals around the system prevent internal cylinder… Read More

  • Different Shaped 220 Volt Receptacles

    Many different types and styles of 220 volt receptacles are available in the market place. The receptacles come in square or round shapes but are primarily round. The main shape… Read More

  • Safety Procedure for Measuring Resistance

    Resistance involves measuring the flow of electricity and determining whether that flow is being impeded. Measuring resistance is a common practice when trying to troubleshoot an electrical problem in a… Read More

  • What Causes a Hydraulic Gear Pump to Go Bad?

    Mechanical energy from the gear box is converted by the hydraulic pump, which creates hydraulic power. The hydraulic fluid is pressurized through the pump and sent through the hydraulic system.… Read More

  • Proactive vs. Reactive Maintenance

    Proactive maintenance refers to an organization's planned efforts to update, maintain and repair equipment used in manufacturing or production. In contrast, reactive maintenance means the organization waits until pieces of… Read More

  • Underwater Inspection Diver Salary

    Underwater inspectors are commercial divers who are trained to perform a host of tasks under water. Their jobs may include maintenance, repair and installation, or they may specialize in inspections.… Read More

  • The Difference Between Single Phase & Three Phase Electrical Wiring

    The difference between three phase and single phase is primarily in the voltage that is received through each type of wire. There is no such thing as two-phase power, which… Read More

  • Reasons for a Broken Pulley

    A pulley is a circular disc found on most belt-driven motors, such as those on the front of an automobile engine. Each component, including the air compressor, alternator and water… Read More

  • How to Reset an Elevator Alarm in Fire Service Mode

    Elevators are made with safety systems built in that are designed to help ensure that no one is trapped in the elevator in the case of a fire. Unless the… Read More

  • What Are Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings?

    Malleable iron pipe fittings hold two different pipe parts together and direct the gas and liquid movement. Some malleable pipe fittings are threaded, meaning that they have grooved ends that… Read More

  • AT&T Cable Splicer's Job Description

    AT&T is a company that provides subscription television, local and long distance voice services and broadband Internet. Cable splicers, also referred to as cable splicing technicians or line installers or… Read More

  • How to Become a Cleaning Subcontractor

    Cleaning subcontractors work under the primary cleaning contractor to help shoulder a project's workload. Subcontractors shouldn't be confused with employees, as they are self-employed business owners in their own right… Read More

  • Education Required to Become a Journeyman Lineman

    Linemen are the people who repair, install and maintain communications and electrical transmission lines. Linemen also maintain and repair electrical facilities along with their transmission systems. However, they are also… Read More

  • What Are Cut-off Switches?

    Cut-off switches, unlike shutoff valves, are electronically controlled devices that stop the flow of electricity, fuel or other power supplies. Every piece of equipment has some form of cut-off switch.… Read More

  • Job Description of a CSX Track Worker

    Railroads are an integral part of the United States' transportation, manufacturing and energy infrastructure, but this continent-spanning system of rails has its own infrastructure that needs constant upkeep. At CSX… Read More

  • How to Fix a Backhoe Ram That Is Leaking Hydraulic Fluid

    A backhoe has several hydraulically operated parts. Each one is moved by a hydraulic cylinder. A hydraulic ram is simply a hydraulic cylinder with a piston rod nearly as large… Read More

  • Electrical Lockout/Tagout Checklist

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a lockout/tagout program that outlines the procedures required for electrical maintenance safety. Lockout and tagout is the safety process a maintenance person… Read More

  • How Do I Get Paid to Be a Caretaker?

    Individuals interested in putting their landscaping and maintenance skills to use can seek employment as a caretaker. Caretakers help individuals, corporations and resorts take care of all aspects of property… Read More

  • Underwater Welding Salary

    Underwater welding is an adventurous and potentially lucrative career. It's also a dangerous one, which is why meticulous training is essential. Candidates must complete a commercial diving course, a welding… Read More

  • Maintenance Planner/Scheduler Duties

    When it comes to the maintenance of facilities, maintenance planners/schedulers manage all repair and preventative activities. The maintenance planner/scheduler mainly uses a computer operating a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)… Read More

  • How to Be an Elevator Technician

    The basic form of an elevator may be traced back all the way to the Middle Ages, when a basket of some sort was lifted through a pulley system. The… Read More

  • How to Become a Property Preservation Contractor

    Property preservation contractors maintain foreclosed properties for banks and property management companies. Contractors may start their own businesses or represent a property asset management organization. The Department of Housing and… Read More

  • Blacksmiths in the Twenty-First Century

    Blacksmithing still exists in the 21st century -- but not the way it did in the 18th and 19th centuries. A modern blacksmith works with fire, steel and big tools… Read More

  • How to Get an A/C Refrigeration Certification

    Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) systems allow building occupants to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and air quality. HVACR professionals may perform installations or routine system maintenance and repair. Workers… Read More

  • How to Become a Maintenance Man

    A maintenance man is responsible for performing maintenance services. Requirements for maintenance men vary according to the company and state where the worker is employed. A maintenance man must have… Read More

  • Paint Thinner Ingredients

    Paint thinners are the easiest way to remove any type of paint. There are many different chemicals you can use as paint thinners. Some are natural and fairly harmless, but… Read More

  • Preventive Maintenance Inspection Checklist

    The preventive maintenance (PM) checklist is a form for maintenance personnel to check the condition of a building or mechanical device. Cars, computers, manufacturing machines, buildings and other home equipment… Read More

  • How to Receive a Copy of My EPA Refrigeration Certification

    The federal Environmental Protection Agency requires technicians who handle the installation of air conditioning refrigerant to receive training and certification. If you lost your original certification card, you have several… Read More

  • Jobs Related to Electrical

    Whether working, vacationing or spending time alone, electricity powers important aspects of everyday life. Therefore, anyone interested in jobs related to electricity have many to choose from. For example, one… Read More

  • Problems with a Grease Gun

    Grease guns lubricate a variety of different equipment such as cars, lawn tractors, heavy equipment and industrial machinery. Most moving parts have grease fittings, so lubricating the parts is easy.… Read More

  • How to Test Servo Motors

    Servo motors are used in automatic control systems, such as cruise control systems in cars. They are referred to as closed loop systems because they measure specific parameters and provide… Read More

  • What Are Thrust Bearings?

    Thrust bearings manage the load of different applications in many types of equipment. You can choose among different types of thrust bearings depending on the load and the application for… Read More

  • How to Fix a Forklift Lift Cylinder

    Forklift engines are usually powered by propane tanks, but their lifting ability comes from hydraulic systems. Forklifts use a combination of hydraulic lift cylinders and a chain and pulley system… Read More

  • How to Change the Hydraulic Filter on a JD 410 Backhoe

    Hydraulic pumps and other hydraulic components need hydraulic fluid that is free from dirt and debris to operate properly. Hydraulic systems use hydraulic filters to remove contaminants from hydraulic fluid.… Read More

  • How to Remove Hydraulic Cylinder Glands

    A hydraulic cylinder gland is located at the edge of the hydraulic cylinder at the rod end. It sits inside the barrel and is held in place by a snap… Read More

  • Salary of a Building Superintendent

    When you pass an apartment complex or commercial building that is nicely landscaped, clean and welcoming, you can probably thank the building superintendent in charge. Building superintendents typically maintain buildings… Read More

  • How to Connect a Hydraulic Cylinder to a Tractor Loader

    A tractor loader can add versatility to a tractor and can be installed on the front or rear of it. A tractor must have a hydraulic system to use a… Read More

  • How to Remove a Hydraulic Cylinder Shaft

    Hydraulic cylinders can be designed for heavy duty cycles, or lots of use. They are also usually designed with maintenance in mind. Most cylinders can be disassembled and resealed when… Read More

  • How to Rebuild a Kubota Hydraulic Cylinder

    Kubota manufactures tractors, mowers and light to medium-duty construction equipment. Several of their vehicles have moving parts, such as scoops or buckets. The driver operates these hydraulic components, but the… Read More

  • How to Change a Hydraulic Cylinder Packing

    A hydraulic cylinder is a dynamic component. The rod end actuates back and forth in a linear action. Properly functioning seals are important to the function of a hydraulic cylinder,… Read More

  • How do I Remove Broken Screw Extractors?

    Screws are designed to be easily installed and removed. But they can become stuck for a host of reasons. Corrosion is one of the main culprits that cause a screw… Read More

  • How Much Does a Gunsmith Make in a Year?

    Gunsmiths repair, maintain and customize rifles, shotguns, pistols and other firearms. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn't provide separate salary figures for gunsmiths, an industry shows gunsmiths make one-third… Read More

  • How to Rebuild a Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

    Hydraulic cylinders have two basic construction types: welded construction and tie rod construction. Welded hydraulic cylinders have end caps welded directly onto the cylinder barrel. Tie rod cylinder end caps… Read More

  • Mechanical Maintenance Tools

    Working on the mechanics of a machine requires experience, training and the right tools. Most mechanical maintenance requires hand tools, but you may also have to use torquing devices, special… Read More

  • How to Rebuild New Holland Hydraulic Cylinder

    New Holland manufactures heavy duty industrial and agricultural equipment. Loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, tractors and other vehicles use hydraulic cylinders to move buckets, lift scoops and perform other functions. The hydraulic… Read More

  • 480 Volt Electric Panel Clearance Requirements

    The National Electrical Code (NEC) published the recognized regulations on clearance requirements for 480-volt electrical panels. These requirements are necessary to keep maintenance personnel safe while working on high-voltage panels.… Read More

  • How to Change a Hydraulic Cylinder Seal

    Hydraulic cylinders carry a bulk of the workload of many hydraulic systems. They often require maintenance. Repairing a hydraulic cylinder usually involves replacing all of its seal. You can't repair… Read More

  • How to Install a Seal on a Hydraulic Cylinder

    Hydraulic cylinder seals are located inside of the cylinder barrel. Seals may be installed on the end cap at the base of the cylinder or at the rod end, but… Read More

  • How to Remove a Hydraulic Cylinder Piston

    Pressurized fluid pushes directly against a hydraulic cylinder's piston. This pressure moves the piston, which moves whatever else the cylinder rod end is attached onto. Most cylinders have a small… Read More

  • How to Weld Aluminum Rods

    Welding with aluminum can be tricky business. It is a softer metal, with a lower melting point than many welders are familiar with. Too much heat can destroy an aluminum… Read More

  • Briggs & Stratton Valve Specs

    Briggs and Stratton is one of the world's largest manufacturers of small gasoline-powered engines, most commonly used in lawn mowers, but also in generators. In an internal combustion engine, intake… Read More

  • How to Assemble a Hydraulic Cylinder

    Hydraulic cylinder maintenance often entails overhauling the entire assemble. Protocol states that a mechanic must replace all of a cylinder's seals when it is disassembled. Seal kits that are specific… Read More

  • Training in Hand & Power Tool Repair

    An array of jobs, from auto repair to building maintenance to cable installation, require the use of hand and power tools . Oftentimes, professionals who use these tools must know… Read More

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Retaining Ring Removal

    Hydraulic cylinders have the same basic internal component structure. Their exterior assemblies are also similar. Retaining rings are common mechanisms that secure components on the rod end of many hydraulic… Read More

  • How to Repair a Hydraulic Cylinder

    Hydraulic cylinders route fluid into one or more ports to push a piston into an extended or retracted position. The piston attaches to a rod that mounts to some surface… Read More

  • How Much Do Window Washers Make an Hour?

    Employment as a window washer can be exciting, high-paying work. From the top floor of a 50-story high-rise, a window washer usually works alone or with a partner and often… Read More

  • How to Disassemble a Hydraulic Cylinder

    Hydraulic cylinders come in various types, but the actuator is among the most common. Fluid pressure extends or retracts a rod that is attached to a moving component. Other hydraulic… Read More

  • How to Get Certified for Hood Cleaning

    Some services and products are necessities in the food industry. Hood cleaning is one example. An average of 50 grease hood or exhaust fan fires damaged restaurants each year between… Read More

  • How to Install Solid Aluminum Rivets

    Solid aluminum rivets secure two or more parts together in permanent installations. These installations can be removed or uninstalled, but this has to be done with a drill, not a… Read More

  • Piston Pump Vs. Diaphram Pump

    Piston and diaphragm pumps operate under different principles and are each well-suited for different applications. It is important to understand the task a pump should perform to pick the appropriate… Read More

  • List of Freon Refrigerant Types

    Aerosol propellants and refrigeration devices often make use of chlorofluorocarbons and related compounds more commonly known as their trade name, Freon. Freon also acts and an organic solvent though it… Read More

  • How to Learn Saw & Tool Sharpening

    Saw and tool sharpening is a craft form that can be learned for personal or professional use. At one point in time, a knife or blade sharpener would cart through… Read More

  • Differences Between Canadian Electrical Code & National Electrical Code

    The Canadian Electric Code (CEC) and the National Electric Code (NEC) are the rules and regulations that govern the installation of electrical wiring and equipment in residential and commercial properties.… Read More

  • USPS Basic Mechanics Training

    The United States Postal Service hires both basic maintenance mechanics and more skilled automotive mechanics. At the basic level, mechanics make routine repairs on mail processing equipment, perform diagnostics to… Read More

  • How to Become a Diesel Pump Technician

    Diesel pump technicians or mechanics service and repair engines that power many types of machines and equipment, from water pumps to heavy trucks. These techs inspect and repair engine parts… Read More

  • The History of Electricians

    An electrician installs, repairs and maintains assorted electrical equipment, such as wiring a house for lighting or fixing a broken refrigerator. He must ensure that appliance is installed correctly and… Read More

  • How to Train for the RETA Exam

    The Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association (RETA) offers certifications for different levels of industrial competency. The RETA awards these certificates after passing the examination for the certificate in question. The… Read More

  • How to Get Cleaning Contracts in New Jersey

    Commercial cleaning of public and private buildings and other facilities in New Jersey is a statewide enterprise. Vendors include large commercial cleaning companies and individual entrepreneurs who have only small… Read More

  • A Tool List for Refrigeration Mechanics

    Refrigeration mechanics are skilled technicians that work on small home units, commercial and restaurant units, and industrial-scale units. They use a variety of tools to install and repair machines that… Read More

  • License Requirements for the Use of Roundup in Florida

    According to the state of Florida, "anyone using or supervising the use of restricted use pesticides on agricultural or related sites" needs a license. If you are applying pesticides (including… Read More

  • How to Learn Dental Handpiece Repair

    Dental handpiece repair involves troubleshooting and fixing high-speed turbines, low-speed devices, nosecones, ultra-sonic scalers and various dental handpiece attachments. Many dental handpiece repair shops can be found online, and some… Read More

  • How do I Get a Residential Maintenance License?

    As a regulated category of suppliers -- as are landlords that a residential maintenance contractor works with -- the requirements and credentials for becoming a residential maintenance contractor vary from… Read More

  • HVAC Estimator Training

    An HVAC estimator handles the instillation of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation units in homes and businesses. HVAC estimators make sure the units will fit into designated areas --… Read More

  • OSHA Elevator Maintenance Requirements

    The Occupational Health and Safety Administration, OSHA, and American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME, work in conjunction to establish maintenance requirements for elevators. The state governments monitor elevator certification and… Read More

  • How to Get a Security Badge

    Many jobs today require an ID security badge to enter the premises. Once hired by a company, the employee is often required to submit or have their photo taken. The… Read More

  • How to Become a Certified Professional Maintenance Manager

    Maintenance managers ensure an organization's facilities, machinery and equipment are in sound working condition. They conduct regular maintenance inspections, supervise the work of technicians and contractors, and maintain accurate maintenance… Read More

  • How Much Do Janitors Make?

    Janitors can be found in a variety of different workplaces, and the job description varies depending on a particular employer. Janitor wages vary depending on the expectations of the employer,… Read More

  • Objectives & Goals for a Public School Maintenance Department

    A public school maintenance department ensures that all facilities are operating smoothly so that teachers and students focus on education, not on leaky roofs or poor lighting. These employees tackle… Read More

  • What Is the Difference Between Preventive & Predictive Maintenance?

    The definitions and differences between preventive and predictive maintenance differ from person to person and industry to industry, but some basic concepts and ideas in reference to them are more… Read More

  • How to Become an HVAC Installer

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for heating, ventilation and air conditioning installers, also called HVAC technicians, will increase 28 percent from 2008 to 2018. HVAC installers… Read More

  • How to Use a 9/16 Drill Bit With a 3/8 Chuck

    There's nothing worse than arriving home from the hardware store with shiny new tools, only to find that they won't work with your current tools. If you purchase a 9/16-inch… Read More

  • The Duties of a Building Operator

    A building operator serves many functions. They ensure that a building's heating and cooling, mechanical and electrical equipment are running effectively. The exact duties of the building operator will depend,… Read More

  • The Average Salary of a Marine Mechanic

    Marine mechanics work on boats. They repair inboard and outboard engines, steering mechanisms and plumbing and perform routine maintenance such as changing oil and spark plugs. Jobs are often available… Read More

  • How to Become a Parts Dealer

    Dealing auto parts for aftermarket modifications and repairs is a lucrative profession. There are some minor hurdles you will have to overcome before becoming a licensed auto-parts dealer, such as… Read More

  • Job Description for a Dismantling Job

    A vehicle dismantler carefully takes a full car apart and places the parts into inventory. An expert knowledge of automobiles and the ability to work efficiently and follow instructions are… Read More

  • The Average Salary of a Self-Employed Handyman

    If you are good at repairing or building things and enjoy taking on odd jobs, the work of a self-employed handyman could be worth looking into. According to a September… Read More

  • An Apartment Maintenance Job Description

    According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, job prospects for apartment maintenance workers will be excellent in the coming years. Typical skills required include basic carpentry, plumbing, and electrical skills. Experience… Read More

  • Generator Preventive Maintenance Checklist

    Some generators power buildings on a regular basis. Other generators are kept for emergency purposes when there is a power outage. The generator should be regularly maintained to ensure it… Read More

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