Financial Services Jobs

  • The Responsibilities of a Vault Cashier

    Vault cashiers are individuals who are generally employed by casinos, but are also employed in other non-casino related businesses. They are responsible for conducting a large number of financial operations… Read More

  • How Much Money Does a Finance Manager Make Per Year?

    A finance manager, more commonly known as a financial manager, is like the family physician for a business -- he makes sure everything is going smoothly so the business's bank… Read More

  • Teller Training Ideas

    A teller is the first person who represents the bank each day. To many customers, the teller is the bank, so training and retaining excellent tellers is the heart of… Read More

  • What Is a Loan Document Specialist?

    Loan document specialists work in banks and other credit lending institutions where they review customers' loan applications. They verify financial documents and maintain contact with loan applicants. Some loan document… Read More

  • Salary of a Currency Trader

    Whether they're trading U.S. dollars for euros, pounds or Japanese yens, currency traders, also known as foreign exchange traders, are hired to earn profits for corporate and individual investors when… Read More

  • Certified Heavy Equipment Appraiser Training

    Certified heavy equipment appraiser training requires a course in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice Guide (USPAP) and the passage of an examination. The class offers instruction on real… Read More

  • School Cashier Duties & Responsibilities

    A school cashier handles money and makes financial transactions in a school setting. School cashiers may work for elementary, middle or high schools. The primary environment in which a school… Read More

  • Full-Service Broker Vs. Discount Broker

    Depending on whether you go with a full-service or discount broker, the involvement he has with your trades will vary. Full-service brokers are paid to advise you on investments in… Read More

  • How to Become an Agent for Liberty Mutual

    Liberty Mutual is one of America's largest insurance companies, offering an array of services and insurance. For personal insurance, Liberty Mutual offers life, auto and home insurance, and personal liability.… Read More

  • How to Train for RGIS Inventory

    Training to become an inventory auditor for RGIS can be overwhelming at first. Techniques and procedures are specific to the business and are designed to count inventory expeditiously and thoroughly.… Read More

  • How Do I Get a Job on Wall Street?

    Money is what runs the world, and those at the heart of the U.S. economy work amid the hallowed rush of Wall Street. It can be difficult getting a job… Read More

  • How Much Money Does an Auto Finance Manager Make?

    Automobile finance managers help those in the market for a vehicle obtain the needed funds to finance their purchases. Their salaries reflect the important role they play in the automobile… Read More

  • The Average Salary of a Bond Trader

    Bond traders make difficult decisions about the purchase and sale of securities. Their quick thinking can lead to significant profits or losses for their clients. Successful traders can look forward… Read More

  • What Are the Duties of a Credit Analyst at HSBC?

    At HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation), credit analysts determine the risk of extending lines of credit or loaning large sums of money. According to, HSBC credit analysts… Read More

  • What Are the Functions of a Stock Broker?

    Most people who choose to invest in stocks and bonds do not have the confidence or expertise to do so without professional advice and counsel. A stock broker provides this… Read More

  • What Is a Series 7 or Series 63 License?

    The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) requires financial professionals who sell securities products to obtain a Series 7 license. Some states also require these professionals to obtain a Series 63… Read More

  • Income Tax Preparer Certification

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires registration and certification of all tax preparers as of tax year 2011. Once certified, tax preparers will have to complete 15 hours of annual… Read More

  • How to Build a Primerica Financial Services Business

    Becoming an entrepreneur is a goal for many. Having the focus, determination and financial backing to make your dream a reality is more difficult than most realize. Becoming affiliated with… Read More

  • Credit & Collections Interview Questions

    When interviewing for a position as a credit or collections representative, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Coming to the interview prepared to answer some of… Read More

  • How to Create a Budget Report

    A budget is essential for any business to stay within the fund limits of the company. A budget is created to not only keep track of a business' money, investments… Read More

  • How to Become a Certified Tax Professional

    Becoming a certified tax professional is a way to earn extra money during tax season, and it can also be turned into a full-time job. Certified tax professionals help people… Read More

  • How to Become an Oil Broker

    Oil brokers are commodities brokers who match buyers and sellers of crude oil. Many brokers buy and sell oil futures on a commodities exchange, such as the New York Mercantile… Read More

  • How to Become Fee-Only Financial Planner

    Most financial planners get at least some of their compensation from commissions. A fee-only financial planner offers investment advice to clients for a fee. Because a fee-only financial planner does… Read More

  • Tests to Become a Financial Advisor

    People wanting to enter the financial services industry may want to consider a career as a financial advisor. Financial advisors help clients invest and save for retirement by providing direction… Read More

  • The Job Description of a Mortgage Loan Closer

    A mortgage loan closer works on behalf of a lender. This person assembles and verifies all the closing documents required by the title insurance company. The mortgage loan closer triggers… Read More

  • How to Become a Stock Broker in Texas

    Becoming a stock broker in Texas can be a very lucrative profession. Many stock brokers, if they are good, can easily make six figures per year. The brokers make their… Read More

  • Reimbursement Specialist Job Description

    Reimbursement specialists perform a variety of administrative functions aimed at ensuring proper and accurate payment for healthcare services. They prepare, schedule and process medical bills, and may work in hospitals,… Read More

  • How to Become a Financial Advisor in Canada

    A financial advisor career offers you the chance to be your own boss and generate an unlimited income potential. Canada counts many financial services firms and banks looking for qualified… Read More

  • The Duties and Responsibilities of a Finance Manager

    The roles and responsibilities of a finance manager require a sincere commitment to detail and an inexhaustible need for new challenges. Each industry has its own laws and spending regulations,… Read More

  • How to Become a Credit Repair Agent

    Credit repair agents work with people who want to rebuild their credit so they can get future loans at fair interest rates. Agents must be able to constantly monitor their… Read More

  • How to Become a Mortgage Loan Officer in Michigan

    Prior to July 31, 2010, applicants can register to become a licensed loan officer in the state of Michigan. As of July 31, 2010, applicants seeking licensure as a mortgage… Read More

  • Lease Analyst Job Description

    Leases save many individuals from being ripped off. Leases are contracts that can leave two parties bound together in a relationship for several years. As a result, lease analysts are… Read More

  • How to Sell Life Insurance Part-Time

    Life insurance agents help consumers protect against the financial loss to a family in the event that one or more income earners die. Most life insurance agents work on commission,… Read More

  • Equity Sales Trader Job Description

    An equity sales trader applies economic acumen and financial expertise to buy and sell investment securities on financial markets with a profit motive. A sales trader also invests on behalf… Read More

  • Job Description for a Foreign Exchange Cashier

    A foreign exchange cashier may work for a bank or an insurance company conducting business globally. A cashier also may be employed by a business engaged in export and import… Read More

  • The Job Description of a Credit Controller

    A credit controller manages and looks after the money owed to a company. The job often exists within financial organizations or a business that sells both goods and services. Credit… Read More

  • Job Description of a New Accounts Teller

    A new accounts teller is a person who works at a bank or financial institution who handles transactions for customers, along with opening and closing customer accounts. Tellers at financial… Read More

  • Job Description of a Pension Administrator

    The word pension is often misused to mean any type of retirement plan, but it actually refers to traditional defined benefit plans that employers maintain to give employees fixed payouts… Read More

  • Job Description for a Mutual Fund Financial Analyst

    A mutual fund financial analyst applies tax, accounting, investment analysis and finance skills to gauge a client's financial status, investment goals and employment history. A mutual fund financial analyst then… Read More

  • What Are the Duties of a Payroll Officer?

    Payroll officers have the important duty of handling timekeeping and payment processing within large and small companies. "They ensure that employees are paid on time and that their paychecks are… Read More

  • Financial Services Associate Job Description

    A financial services associate uses sales techniques and accounting, finance or fiscal skills to recommend investment ideas and insurance policies to clients. He may also sell investment banking solutions to… Read More

  • How to Learn Medicare Billing

    Medicare billers can average $30,000 to $40,000 per year in a fast-growing field with many growth opportunities, notes Education Portal. This career is not for everyone; All Allied Health Schools… Read More

  • What Is the Job Description of a Bank Employee?

    Bank employees, also known as bank tellers, are responsible for most of the everyday operations at financial institutions. It is their job to keep track of all the money that… Read More

  • Series 6 Credit Score Requirements

    Series 6 licensing examinations are not as diverse as Series 7 or 63 tests. Passing a Series 6 exam allows one to sell mutual funds, variable annuities and other insurance… Read More

  • How to Become a Credit Repair Consultant

    With debt being such a rampant problem today, there is a need for qualified credit consultants to help people out. A credit repair consultant counsels people through issues such as… Read More

  • Certified Financial Analyst Training

    Financial analysts study and interpret financial information and then provide investment guidance to individuals and businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment outlook for financial analysts… Read More

  • Bank Clerk Duties

    Bank clerks are responsible for carrying out the clerical and record-keeping functions at banks and similar financial institutions. Although they share many of the same duties as tellers, they generally… Read More

  • How to Get a Stock Broker License

    You don't have to earn a college to degree to become a licensed stockbroker, but you do have to take a series of exams before you can begin buying and… Read More

  • Client Manager Job Description

    Client managers take customer service to the highest level. They build relationships with major clients on behalf of financial and software companies and act as their guide and advocate in… Read More

  • Actuarial Assistant Job Description

    Most actuarial assistants are employed by insurance companies. Actuarial assistants assist with setting premium rates and performing data research. Actuarial assistants have pretty flexible schedules. Most don't work more than… Read More

  • The Job Description of an Investment Research Analyst

    As the title implies, the function of a research investment analyst is research and analysis of financial investments. The position usually involves mutual, hedge or pension funds, securities, insurance, and… Read More

  • Plant Controller Job Description

    Finances are the life blood of an organization. The plant controller is a type of financial manager who is focused on managing the costs of an industrial plant. Industrial plants… Read More

  • How to Get a Mutual Fund License

    Mutual funds are a regulated securities investment monitored by the Securities Exchange Commission. Those who solicit and sell mutual funds must have at least a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)… Read More

  • Duties of a Debt Recovery Agent

    Debt recovery agents are charged with the responsibility of collecting monies owed to the parties they represent. Some debt recovery agents work in-house or directly for the creditor, while others… Read More

  • Requirements to Be a Stock Broker

    Another name for stock broker is securities sales agent. They are the most common type of securities sales agents. They advise consumers or retail investors on investments that are appropriate… Read More

  • Job Description of a Mortgage Manager

    A mortgage manager is responsible for overseeing the mortgage loan department, typically in banks. Mortgage managers typically learn all they need to know from working in the industry and because… Read More

  • Financial Counselor Definition

    The definition of financial counselor involves guiding people on the best ways to manage, invest or use their money. A financial counselor comprises of three types of careers---a personal financial… Read More

  • Compensation Analyst Job Description

    Compensation analysts determine whether a company or government agency is paying salaries and providing benefits that are competitive and equitable. Their goal is to help companies attract and keep competent… Read More

  • What is The Job Description of an Investment Analyst?

    Investment analysts are responsible for analyzing financial information to forecast business, industry and economic conditions for use in making investment decisions, according to Keen competition exists for these positions,… Read More

  • Stock Plan Administrator Duties

    As an additional means of compensation, some companies give employees shares of company stock, or the employee may receive stock options which allow the purchase of company stock at a… Read More

  • Average Salaries for a Hedge Fund Manager

    Hedge fund managers have been described as many things, both positive and negative, but essentially they are simply investment managers who try to earn a profit on their clients' money.… Read More

  • Treasurer Job Description

    A treasurer is a financial manager who directs the organization's or business's budget so it will meet its financial needs. This includes long-term goals of the establishment. The treasurer prepares… Read More

  • Escrow Assistant Job Description defines escrow as, “documents, real estate, money, or securities deposited with a neutral third party (the escrow agent) to be delivered upon fulfillment of certain conditions, as established in… Read More

  • Portfolio Specialist Job Description

    Some individuals and companies choose to invest in order to protect themselves from inflation, while others choose investment in order to make a profit. When creating the investment portfolio, securities,… Read More

  • How to Become a Tax Preparer in Virginia

    There are two things in life that are certain--death and taxes. If you are looking to work in a field where there will always be work and you don't want… Read More

  • Job Description of Collection Coordinator

    There are times when a lot of information needs to be collected so organizations can make decisions. Whether that information is on billing accounts, the use of technology in an… Read More

  • Repo Man Job Description

    Repo men have earned a pretty tough reputation, thanks to the 1980s punk rock film starring Emilio Estevez. While the repossession industry is secretive, most repo men work with legitimate… Read More

  • Job Description for a Tax Preparer

    Every year, millions of Americans seek the help of others when preparing and filing their taxes. Tax preparers help taxpayers organize their yearly tax returns, making sure they enter the… Read More

  • Payment Analyst Job Description

    There are many different careers in the financial field, but the payment analyst is often overlooked. Payment analysts have a more specific job than an accountant would and are in… Read More

  • How to Become a Tax Preparer in New York

    Tax preparation is a great career option for customer-focused professionals with strong mathematical skills. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average salary for tax preparers in 2008 was… Read More

  • How to Obtain an Arkansas Insurance License

    Whether working independently or as an employee, insurance agents provide the link between companies and clients. Agents can offer insurance policies, mutual funds, annuities, and several other financial services to… Read More

  • Job Description of a Chief Credit Officer

    A chief credit officer is a senior member of the executive staff of a bank or other credit granting financial institution. This officer creates and administers all policies and procedures… Read More

  • How to Become a Part-Time Independent Financial Advisor

    An independent financial advisor usually needs to get some experience before setting up his own part-time business. That experience is typically gained during employment and through educational programs. A certified… Read More

  • How to Become a Certified Budget Counselor

    Counselors help people of all community settings and economic backgrounds, assisting them with all kinds of life choices. A certified budget counselor aids in budget creation for economically challenged individuals… Read More

  • How to Become a Mutual Fund Agent

    Selling any financial product is quite rewarding financially. You need to secure a series 6 license. If your state requires, you may have to test for a series 63 NASD… Read More

  • Job Description for a Debt Negotiator

    Debt management agencies and debt arbitration and settlement firms often employ debt negotiators. This profession required knowledge of debt collection practices and procedures, as well as of laws that involve… Read More

  • Jobs That Fall Under Financial Service Careers

    To be successful in financial services careers, individuals must be analytical, with a passion for breaking down figures and explaining them to their clients, colleagues and oftentimes, investors. Financial service… Read More

  • Wire Transfer Job Description

    A wire transfer clerk or specialist performs all transactions required to transfer money and securities between one party and another and from one location to another. This individual may be… Read More

  • How to Get Your Series 3 License

    The Series 3 license qualifies you to become a commodities broker. The Series 3 exam, which is also referred to as the National Commodity Futures exam, is administered by the… Read More

  • Job Description of Pawnbroker

    When money is tight and payments are due immediately, often your only source of quick cash is to take your valuables to the local pawnbroker. A change in fortune may… Read More

  • Job Description of a Broker Assistant

    Broker assistants work for licensed real estate, insurance and stock brokers. As brokers focus on closing deals for clients, these assistants often work behind the scenes obtaining market information, preparing… Read More

  • How to Become a Mortgage Underwriter

    Mortgage underwriting is a career in the accounting and financial industries and requires education and experience in accounting, finance, sales or economics, usually at the bachelor's degree level. Mortgage underwriters… Read More

  • How to Process Mortgage Loans

    A mortgage processor processes mortgage loan application files. The processor must learn all guidelines for all loan programs offered by the lender. When processing mortgage loans, it is mandatory to… Read More

  • Financial Representative Job Description

    Considering the complicated nature of many banking and investment products, people often need help deciphering the details of financial products. As a financial representative, people will seek your help understanding… Read More

  • Associate in Risk Management Certification

    The Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation is offered through a curriculum developed by the American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (AICPCU) and the Insurance Institute of America (IIA).… Read More

  • Bank President Job Description

    A bank president is a financial services executive who oversees banking operations, planning, policies and practices as well as a variety of other strategic objectives set forth by the Chief… Read More

  • CFA Job Description

    Financial analysts are highly skilled and educated investment professionals who research stocks, bonds and a variety of companies and industries for the purpose of recommending investments that will make their… Read More

  • What Does a Mortgage Processor Do?

    The mortgage processor plays an important role as the one person in the mortgage process who interacts with all the parties involved in the transaction. The primary function of the… Read More

  • Research Analyst Job Descriptions

    A research analyst, sometimes known as a financial analyst, is a financial services professional employed primarily by large investment banks, insurance companies, securities firms and the business media to provide… Read More

  • Series 7 License Education Requirements

    The Series 7, formally known as the General Securities Representative License, is the most common license in the investment industry. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, oversees license holders… Read More

  • How to Find Someone Who Doesn't Want to Be Found

    Finding people who are not too keen on being found is referred to as 'skip tracing'. This can be a necessary part of life for collections agents, judgment collectors, businesses… Read More

  • The Average Salary of a Mortgage Closer

    A mortgage closer acts as the final loan officer in the mortgage process. This individual will verify that all information within the mortgage application and packet is correct, ensuring that… Read More

  • Stock Brokers and Organizational Structure

    If you want to become a stockbroker, you have several different options for how and where to work. Some companies pay for your training, so once you secure a position… Read More

  • How to Get a Florida Adjuster License

    To be an adjuster in Florida, you'll need to get a Florida adjuster license. Your route to getting your license will depend upon whether you are a Florida resident, and… Read More

  • Duties of a Stock Broker

    Stock brokers have a lot of responsibility because they are dealing with their clients' money and financial future. Brokers must be honest and conscientious individuals who strive to help their… Read More

  • How to Become a Money Broker

    Money brokers work as a liason between consumers who need loans and the banks that offer them. They charge a flat fee to prepare loan documents and earn a commission… Read More

  • How to Become a Financial Counselor

    Financial counselors help individuals, groups, families and organizations develop sound financial strategies. They advise clients on issues such as saving for retirement, decreasing debt, managing investments and income tax preparation.… Read More

  • What Is a Hedge Fund Sponsor?

    Hedge funds pool shareholder assets to reduce risks associated with financial investments. Because the funds allow investors to diversify assets, they can be particularly attractive, particularly in volatile markets. Fund… Read More

  • What Education is Needed to Become a Stockbroker?

    A stockbroker's position is lucrative but involves a lot of responsibility and hard work. Stockbrokers help others with their financial futures, and if they make a mistake on a trade,… Read More

  • How to Become a Licensed Investment Broker

    An investment broker is another name for stockbroker. To become a professional stockbroker, you must pass a licensing exam. Being a broker can be a lucrative career choice for people… Read More

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