Consulting Jobs

  • Salary of an Agricultural Consultant

    Agricultural consultants are experts in the field of agriculture who advise farmers on how to improve production and productivity. Agricultural consultants can be animal scientists, food scientists or even soil… Read More

  • Is an Analyst the Same as a Consultant?

    In business, both analysts and consultants are used by companies to address problems and work toward solutions. While the two positions have many similarities and overlap between skill sets, the… Read More

  • Should You Keep Newly-Poured Concrete Wet?

    Pouring concrete is a process that requires attention during every step. The final step in pouring concrete is curing. The curing process is where the concrete builds up its strength.… Read More

  • How to Become a Certified Etiquette Consultant

    All you really need to do to become an etiquette consultant is start advertising your services. But because clients want to see that you've taken the time to learn the… Read More

  • What Are the Benefits of Being a Tattoo Artist?

    Tattoo artists use indelible ink to permanently change the pigment of the outer layer of a customer's skin. People get tattoos as a form of creative expression, choosing tattoos that… Read More

  • Roles of Stakeholders During Construction Projects

    The construction industry impacts all towns, cities, provinces and states. Although issues may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, similar stakeholders are involved throughout the construction process in varying places. Stakeholder… Read More

  • How to Place an Order as a Scentsy Consultant

    Scentsy is a company that relies on independent consultants to sell its product by hosting Scentsy parties and obtaining a client-base. You can hold a Scentsy party at your home… Read More

  • The Salaries of Motivational Speakers

    If you can capture a crowd's attention and inspire people to act, you may have what it takes to be a motivational speaker. It's a career with an attractive earning… Read More

  • Color Consultant Job Responsibilities

    If you enjoy helping others look their best and have a flair for decorating, the job of a color consultant could be a possible career path. These professionals can brighten… Read More

  • Activities for the MBTI

    The MBTI, or the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, is the gold standard for personality profile tests. This in-depth test is used by businesses and consultants to identify potential job candidates,… Read More

  • What Are the Duties & Responsibilities of a Consulting Firm?

    Consulting firms provide professional advice for a fee. These firms employ professionals with specialized expertise to help governments and organizations across all industries and business functions create value for their… Read More

  • How to Start a Professional Employer Organization

    A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a service provider that enables businesses to outsource the management of services typically provided by the business, including payroll, human resources, employee benefits, risk… Read More

  • Texas Security Consultant License Information

    If you plan to work as a security consultant in Texas, you must be licensed. To be considered for your license, you must have at least two years of experience… Read More

  • Definition of a Franchising Coordinator

    A franchise is a business that operates under the license of a company that is already established. When companies develop mainstream products or restaurants, and wish to license their name… Read More

  • How to Become a Certified Mentor

    Anyone who enjoys helping other professionals in business, healthcare and other occupations achieve their goals can use MentorCoach, The Option Institute or the Behavioral Coaching Institute to become certified. Each… Read More

  • Salary of an Electrical Consultant

    Salaries of electrical consultants vary widely depending on the size of the consulting firm for which one works, their education and their experience. Read More

  • How to Become a Home Inspector in Quebec

    If you are considering becoming a home inspector in Quebec, Canada, you should know that you are required to get certified before you do any inspections on your own. Houses… Read More

  • Do You Need a Business License to Consult?

    Consulting can be an exciting career choice. It combines interesting projects with flexibility and socialization. However, depending upon the area in which area you consult, you may need specific credentials,… Read More

  • The Average Salary of a Church Pastor

    The average salary of a church pastor varies greatly according to the geographical area and size of the congregation. Paying the preacher a fair salary allows him to care for… Read More

  • Travel Assistant Job Description

    Travel assistants advise clients on their destinations and make arrangements for transportation, accommodations, car rentals and tours. For travelers who are going abroad, agents will provide information on customs regulations… Read More

  • Ground Rules for Facilitators

    Facilitators can help assist with all types of meetings, from small affairs to large roundtable group discussions. The facilitator makes sure that a meeting starts out in--and keeps moving in--the… Read More

  • Coordinator Duties & Responsibilities

    Just about every industry can have a coordinator. For the most part, you handle all the administrative elements related to the job and act as the middleman from a variety… Read More

  • How to Become a Consulting Engineer

    Engineering consultants are usually self-employed, but also work for consulting firms. Consultants are experts, and clients rely upon their knowledge and advice to save money. The consultant can provide a… Read More

  • How to Get a Job at Booz Allen Hamilton

    Because Booz Allen Hamilton is one of the leading firms providing consulting services to the U.S. government for defense and intelligence, the hiring process is selective and job requirements can… Read More

  • Top Personal Goals of a Consultant

    Consulting careers are tailored to fit specific industry needs. For example, IT consultants help businesses with their information and technology systems; management consultants make strategic recommendations for firms; and financial… Read More

  • Career Objectives for Management Consultants

    Management consulting is a popular career choice for business school graduates. Consultants typically focus on information systems, strategy, operations or a combination of these areas. Information systems consulting consists of… Read More

  • Benefit Consultant Job Description

    Company benefit programs are often so complicated that it is hard to determine what coverage and benefits to which you are entitled. Benefits consultants help employees understand their benefit programs… Read More

  • Business Process Analyst Job Description

    Business process analysts are also known as operations research analysts. They interpret different forms of management-related information in a company to help management solve problems and improve a company's efficiency. Read More

  • How to Become a Christian Motivational Speaker

    Some people feel called by God to move into speaking and offer biblical knowledge while also helping listeners feel more encouraged and empowered about their lives. One way to fulfill… Read More

  • How to Set Up a Board of Directors

    If you're establishing a Board of Directors, you've probably already been through the process of forming an advisory board. Now you need to formalize the relationships among board members. Some… Read More

  • Job Description of a Spa Consultant

    Entrepreneurs and spa therapists may decide to open a spa of their own for financial and professional freedom. Once they acquire the monetary resources to open the spa, they may… Read More

  • Training Consultant Job Description

    A training consultant is a professional who performs needs assessments for organizations, then designs and facilitates employee or customer training materials and programs. Training can include a variety of topics… Read More

  • Associate Analyst Job Description

    Many organizations use associate analyst positions as a training ground for new hires. These firms frequently promote experienced associates when other positions become available. Analysts are frequently referred to as… Read More

  • Commercial Operations Job Description

    A commercial operations analyst is responsible for performing sales analysis in order to assess how well the company is doing in the commercial market so decisions can be made regarding… Read More

  • How to Become a Life Coach in Canada

    A life coach is responsible for helping an individual identify what is holding her back from having everything she wants in life, and coaching her to overcome those challenges. A… Read More

  • Strategy Consulting Job Description

    Strategy consultants are important for businesses that need a fresh perspective on an operational issue or communication issue. The consultant is usually part of a separate management consultant company and… Read More

  • Spanish Interpreter Job Description

    The job of a Spanish interpreter revolves around facilitating cross-cultural communication. Not only must interpreters possess fluency in two or more languages, but they must also be able to relay… Read More

  • Mechanical Estimator Job Description

    Before a project can be started, companies and firms usually need to know how much these projects will cost. Determining costs can be especially difficult when projects are very technical,… Read More

  • List of Math & Science Careers

    Math and science are both great degrees if you want to be able to apply them in the real world and want a career that is directly related to your… Read More

  • Executive Coach Job Description

    Executive coaching is a specialized form of consulting that aims to help employees who are in senior management develop needed skills, such as the art of influence, and the ability… Read More

  • Contract Negotiator Job Description

    It's not all that hard to figure out what a contract negotiator does for a living. They negotiate contracts, and these contracts may involve businesses and their employees or businesses… Read More

  • Sales Coach Job Description

    Coaches and consultants train virtually anyone in a company how to accomplish specific business goals. The sales coach is a type of consultant who aids sales managers in increasing sales… Read More

  • Event Consultant Job Description

    An event consultant's primary duty involves planning special events for individuals and businesses. They also work with wedding planners, party promoters and venue managers to organize events. An outgoing and… Read More

  • Operations Specialist Job Description

    The ways in which companies operate can vary, depending on the type of industry that the company is a part of and the managerial decisions that were made when the… Read More

  • Independent Consultant Job Description

    Independent consultants review and analyze business operations and procedures. They make recommendations and provide reports on how to increase profits, efficiency and other operations that will help a business increase… Read More

  • Executive Consultant Job Description

    Executive consultants provide expertise to companies about subjects that employees need help with. The subject of this expertise can vary widely, depending on the type of company. Governments, corporations and… Read More

  • Job Description of a Medical Consultant

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Guide to Industries (2011 edition), employment in the scientific, management and technical consulting services industry is expected to grow by 83 percent… Read More

  • Job Description of a Program Consultant

    Companies sometimes initiate programs that require knowledge and skills that the company has not developed yet. These companies sometimes hire specialists to assist in the development and implementation of a… Read More

  • Service Consultant Job Description

    Service consultants are hired by companies to help them reach out effectively to customers. They typically work closely with sales teams in order to gain customers' feedback and get customers… Read More

  • How to Become a Personal Development Coach

    Personal development has a long history dating back to the New Thought Movement in the 1890s and the launch of "Success" magazine by personal development legend Orison Swett Marden in… Read More

  • Economic Consultant Job Description

    Economic consultants deploy their experience to conduct research, survey business conditions, analyze policy and offer expert testimony. Their work involves data analysis and preparation of charts, reports and other materials.… Read More

  • The Average Salary for a SAP Consultant

    SAP consultants advise companies on how to properly implement SAP systems. Salaries for SAP consultants vary based on several factors. Individual factors that can influence your salary potential as a… Read More

  • Rights of Self Employed Workers

    As the costs of hiring an employee increase, businesses are looking more into independent contractors as a way to build staff. Working as an independent contractor--which is really self-employment--has its… Read More

  • How to Open a Consulting Business

    Opening a consulting business has become an attractive option for professionals in dozens of fields. Companies need consultants to help them with tasks such as accounting, marketing, recruiting and investing.… Read More

  • How to Do Freelance SAS Programming

    Freelance programming is getting popular as more people prefer to hire freelancers to cut down the cost for their business. There are a lot of inexpensive freelance websites available for… Read More

  • Job Description of a Lean Expert

    With such diversities as GE, Toyota, and Sealy, many major corporations use lean manufacturing in their plants and facilities. This practice, according to USA Today's Paul Davidson, is responsible for… Read More

  • Strategic Planner Job Description

    No organization functions without long-term planning. Businesses, governments and nonprofit agencies rely on strategic planners to pinpoint weaknesses, as well as forecast trends and identify opportunities for organizational growth. To… Read More

  • Job Description for a General Consultant

    Working as a consultant can be a stimulating and engaging career that requires you to draw upon various disciplines in order to create a solution that meets your client's needs.… Read More

  • How to Start a Communications Business

    In communications you are selling yourself -- your talents, experience, credentials and effectiveness. The decision to go from employee to business owner may stem from opportunity, desire, or just bad… Read More

  • Job Description for a Project Consultant

    Job descriptions for project consultants can vary broadly depending on the specialty. For example, a consultant specializing in home bathroom renovations would likely have a much different educational background than… Read More

  • How to Write a Consulting Report

    Consultants play an important role in the business world. From small nonprofit organizations to large international corporations, companies rely on the expertise of consultants to make critical business decisions. Consultants… Read More

  • High-Paying International Careers

    A job abroad isn't just a chance to explore new cultures. It may also come with high pay. Businesses that seek employees to work abroad are often willing to pay… Read More

  • How to Be a Property Tax Consultant

    Property tax consultants review real estate assessments--usually to reduce or appeal the amount of property tax owed. Your clients might own property valued at $200,000 or $2 million. Regardless of… Read More

  • How to Become a Product Tester for Nike

    Nike is looking for athletes of varying degrees of skill to test Nike's products. Applicants must have the ability to share their opinions honestly and candidly. All ages are accepted,… Read More

  • How to Start Business Consulting

    A basic description of the process that's required to establish yourself in the business consulting field. Read More

  • How to Determine If a Person Holds a PMP Certification

    To verify that someone has a project management professional certification you need to search the Project Management Institute's online registry. Read More

  • What Are the Duties of a Safety Consultant?

    Safety consulting allows businesses to have their health and safety practices objectively evaluated, bringing them up to necessary standards (be they from the Occupational Safety and Health Association or other… Read More

  • Consultant Job Description

    Consultants earn a living by using an existing body of knowledge and experience. They provide expert advice to help businesses or individuals solve problems, meet business objectives, improve processes or… Read More

  • How to Learn the Appliance Repair Business

    Are you interested in an appliance repair career? You may be unsure of how to get started. It seems like the people in the business have been doing it for… Read More

  • How to Raise Funds to Start a Think Tank Institute

    Think tanks conduct research and policy analysis in a variety of fields related to the public good, including health care, the economy, the environment and safety. Staffed by policy experts,… Read More

  • Principal Consultant Job Description

    A principal consultant normally works for a consulting firm that specializes in financial, technical, management, marketing or scientific industries. The consulting firm is hired by an organization to offer expertise,… Read More

  • Space Planner Job Description

    Organizations are always on the lookout for ways to keep costs low, and the allocation of building space is no exception. Many pay rent by the square foot, so it… Read More

  • Art Consultant Job Description

    Someone who has a good eye for interior design, and more specifically a knack for selecting the best artwork to occupy a space, should consider a career as an art… Read More

  • How to Calculate the Depth & Table of Diamonds

    A fundamental concept about diamonds is illustrated by this quote, "A diamond's proportions, particularly the depth compared to the diameter, and the diameter of the table (the largest and topmost… Read More

  • How Much Money Do Fashion Consultants Make?

    While many industries are floundering due to economic difficulties, fashion consulting, also known as image consulting, is on the rise. More businesses and individuals seek the style expertise of image… Read More

  • Salary of a Principal Consultant

    Principal consultants may be employed by corporations or firms, and they are also private contractors. Their ranges of jobs, responsibilities and duties vary from mortgage fraud auditing, quality assurance consulting,… Read More

  • Requirements for Getting an Indiana Private Investigator License

    Although some states allow private investigators to operate without a license, Indiana requires applicants to meet specific licensing requirements that include meeting tax commitments and any court-ordered payments. Requirements for… Read More

  • About Safety Consultant Salaries

    As technology increases our standard of living, careers will continue to become increasingly specialized. Safety consultants are a subset of engineers that are employed to deal exclusively with risk-management. Those… Read More

  • Definition of Development Planning

    Development planning happens in many different contexts so to define it succinctly is tricky. Basically development planning refers to the strategic measurable goals that a person, organization or community plans… Read More

  • How to Be a Home School Consultant

    According to the National Home Education Research Institute, approximately 2 million students are currently home-schooled, and that number has recently been growing at roughly 2 to 8 percent annually. The… Read More

  • What Is a Life Coach?

    A life coach is a professional that you can hire to help you define, set and achieve your goals. Life coaches provide motivation and encouragement. The life coach's entire role… Read More

  • Job Description for a Residential Counselor

    Residential counselors work at group homes teaching residents basic living skills. Residential counselors are employed at places like group homes for delinquent children, abused children, individuals with emotional problems or… Read More

  • How to Become a Hotel Rating Inspector

    Becoming a hotel rating inspector is not something that a person can simply apply for one day and expect to begin working at soon after. In addition to needing proper… Read More

  • Skills Needed to Become an Interior Designer

    Some people look at an empty house and are totally bewildered as to what to do with it in terms of colors, fixtures, window treatments and placement of furniture. An… Read More

  • History of the Audio Amplifier

    An audio amplifier is a device used to increase the volume of sound with low power so that it can be used in a loudspeaker. It is generally the final… Read More

  • How to Become a Strategic Planning Consultant

    Strategic planning consultants help businesses evaluate their abilities and goals in comparison to the trends of today and the future. Strategic planning consultants then help businesses create a plan of… Read More

  • How to Become a Certified Educational Planner

    A certified educational planner is an experienced teacher or counselor who helps high school students navigate the college admissions process. The goal is to match students with a degree program… Read More

  • How to Become a Certified Home Inspector

    Are you knowledgeable about city and building ordinances? Do you enjoy evaluating properties, electrical, plumbing and heating systems? Are you looking for an exciting and lucrative career? Well, consider a… Read More

  • How to Get a Job in a Consulting Firm

    If you've decided that the exciting and professional world of management consulting is a good career match for you, you'll need a plan to find the right position. Consulting firms… Read More

  • How to Write an Introduction Speech About Yourself

    First impressions can make you or break you. An introduction speech is your opportunity to grasp the attention of your audience and entice them to want more. You know yourself… Read More

  • How to Become an Image Consultant

    Image consultants, sometimes called style coaches or personal stylists, work with models, actors, politicians, business executives and anyone for whom image is vital to success. They advise their clients on… Read More

  • How to Become a Green Consultant

    "Going green" is a popular term for businesses and individuals committed to reducing adverse effects on the environment. Green activities result in energy conservation, improved air quality, cleaner water and… Read More

  • How to Create a Statement of Qualifications

    Consulting companies often generate new work by responding to requests for proposals issued by government agencies, universities, private companies and other industry groups. One of the key sections of a… Read More

  • How to Become a Certified Soccer Coach

    While there is no official certification to become a soccer coach, there are a lot of agencies and organizations that can help you become certified and give you insider information… Read More

  • How to Create a Marketing Plan for a Client

    Your client needs a marketing plan outlining the actions you will take to generate business. You want to develop a plan that states your client's goals and outlines all the… Read More

  • How to Become a Modeling Agent

    A modeling agent’s job entails helping aspiring models launch their career. You’ll have to offer recommendations, help your clients build a portfolio and find them modeling opportunities. Clients depend on… Read More

  • How to Become a Consultant

    Consultants offer skills, knowledge and expertise to other people or businesses. A consultant's job is to solve problems, make recommendations, give advice and provide specialized work, like networking, programming, web… Read More

  • How to Teach Professionalism

    Professionalism is both an attitude and a skill set. While it does take some investment to teach professionalism to employees, the return on that investment is enormous. Instilling a corporate… Read More

  • How to Make Money Selling Pampered Chef

    Pampered Chef products are amazing to use and even better when you can make money selling them. Pampered Chef has designed kitchen tools to make kitchen and cooking tasks a… Read More

  • How to Become an Ergonomics Consultant

    Ergonomics is the science of making the workplace fit the humans within it. The goal is to reduce injuries and chronic strains from equipment, furniture and tools that can cause… Read More

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