Small Business Grants

  • Grants for Low-Income Entrepreneurs

    When a low-income entrepreneur dreams of starting a small business, the initial cost of business development may present a significant obstacle to overcome. While small-business loans may provide financial support,… Read More

  • Grants for Raising Honey Bees

    Grants are available from the federal government and from state governments for various aspects of establishing and keeping honey bees as a business. Read More

  • Grants for a Concession Business

    Different categories of grants for various aspects of a concession business are available through private and public funding. From small expenses at start-ups to upgrades at existing businesses, grants make… Read More

  • Grants for Opening a Health Food Store

    The federal government, local governments and private foundations provide grants to help healthy food retailers open a store. Grants are provided to create healthy food options in low-income communities. These… Read More

  • Grants for Underwater Welding

    A career in underwater welding can provide the opportunity to use your skills in a wide range of industries. Gaining access to underwater welding careers is possible though academic institutions… Read More

  • Government Grants for Invention Ideas

    Several government grants exist to sponsor inventive ideas. Eligible programs include those that boost hiring and develop innovative technology. Funding is also available for inventions that solve human issues such… Read More

  • Grants for Spaying Or Neutering Cats

    Government agencies and private nonprofit foundations provide funding to help pay for cat spay/neuter services. Spay/neuter services help to control cat population and prevent the cruelty or abandonment of unwanted… Read More

  • Government Grants for Starting a Cattle-Breeding Business

    Several government grant and loan programs assist cattle breeders with the costs of starting their business. Cattle breeders raise their own animals for sale or future breeding. Typical tasks include… Read More

  • Government Grants for Vertical Farming

    Vertical farms grow food using indoor fields in buildings several stories high, essentially inverting traditional farms. By doing so, vertical farms allow fruits and vegetables to be produced near the… Read More

  • Tilapia Fish Grants

    Tilapia is becoming more than just the dinner of choice for health-conscious eaters these days; to many it's the beginning of a sustainable career. According to the Tilapia Fish Farmers… Read More

  • Cattle Grants for Tennessee Farmers

    Of Tennessee's 79,000 farms, 42,000 raise cattle. Grants from several government agencies are available to Tennessee cattle farmers to improve their operations. Grants finance farm construction and renovation projects and… Read More

  • Fashion Design Business Grants

    If you are an aspiring fashion design entrepreneur, various institutions could help you get your business up and running through grants. These institutions provide grants on the basis of various… Read More

  • Restaurant Grants for Women

    Restaurant grants for women can be used toward schooling required for restaurant management or operating a restaurant business. Money is also available to help women open their own restaurants. Women's… Read More

  • Grants to Start a Tattoo Business

    Tattoo parlors are a popular form of business for artists. With pop culture and television taking the stigma away from tattoos, more and more people are getting tattoos than in… Read More

  • Grants for Cemetery Maintenance

    Years of neglect and misuse of cemetery grounds can lead to a cemetery in serious need of maintenance and upkeep. Grant funding for the maintenance of cemetery properties may be… Read More

  • Grants for the PRAXIS

    The PRAXIS is a teaching certification test used in over 40 states and U.S. territories. It is available in two parts: PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II. Tests are taken at… Read More

  • Grants for Kids & Horses

    Horses are a part of American culture. Events like the Kentucky Derby have cemented their place in sports. Kids enjoy horses as much as adults do and enjoy learning how… Read More

  • Towing Company Grants

    A towing business seems like an easy business to run. Buy a truck, train people to use it, charge enough to cover gas and labor, wait for people to call.… Read More

  • Senior Citizen Retraining Grants

    Just because someone has become a senior citizen doesn't mean that her educational journey must end. There are many grants and scholarship programs to help seniors learn new skills. These… Read More

  • Grants for Ex-Felons to Start a Business

    It is natural for an ex-felon to want to start his own business. Many companies require background checks and may not want to have someone with a criminal record working… Read More

  • Government Grants for Building a Fence around a Farm

    Fences are designed to do one of two things: keep things in or keep things out. On a farm, fences may be used to control livestock and wildlife for protection.… Read More

  • Grants to Open Salons for Women

    Salon businesses in the U.S. have a high percentage of return on investment (ROI), which provides reasons for entrepreneurs to invest in individuals who would like to start a salon… Read More

  • Grants for an Orphanage

    Orphanages are eligible to receive various types of grants to help ensure the welfare of children and youth not fortunate enough to grow up with parents in a normal household.… Read More

  • Government Grants to Start a Cattle Herd

    Before the United States was an industrial (and later) technological power, agricultural production was king. The federal government, and private sources as well, still recognize the importance of maintaining a… Read More

  • Scholarships and Grants for Private High Schools in San Antonio

    The state of Texas provides grants to several private schools in San Antonio. These grants help improve the quality of education in the schools and provide additional services that address… Read More

  • Grants for Women Ministers

    Female ministers need money to start their congregations. Not every denomination supports women in the ministry, denying them funds. In other sects, grants are available through religious organizations and private… Read More

  • Playground Grants for Private Schools

    Grant funding for private schools was once hard won, until 2004 when the U.S. Department of Education implemented the Executive branch policy stating that “within the framework of constitutional church-state… Read More

  • Grants for Women to Buy Land for Organic Farming

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the best opportunities in the farm and ranch industry are those revolving around small-scale, local farm operations — particularly in organic farming and… Read More

  • Federal Grants to Start a Bookstore

    Starting a bookstore can be profitable -- particularly those serving niche markets. Federal grants, however, are not viable financing options. According to the U.S. Minority Business Development Agency, the federal… Read More

  • Federal Grants for Female Business Owners of Daycare Centers

    There are many federal grants that support daycare centers. However, funding is not usually exclusive to women. The federal government awards funding to local educational agencies, states and individuals. In… Read More

  • Grants for Nonprofit Organizations Offering Hunger Programs

    According to the Feeding America network of food providers, more than 48 million Americans are hungry each year. Every city, suburb and rural area is affected by hunger. Many people… Read More

  • Grants for Reentry Programs for Ex-Offenders

    According to the U.S. Office of Justice Programs and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), more than 650,000 prisoners are released every year in the U.S. More than two-thirds of… Read More

  • Cattle Grants

    Feeding the nation is a top priority for those interested in pursuing a cattle grant. There are grants available at the national, state and local levels. While a specific grant… Read More

  • Grants for Self-Employed Women

    Grants for self-employed women working in America are designed largely to improve the economic standing of low-income women who are interested in finding successful career options. Other opportunities exist to… Read More

  • Grants With No Upfront Cost

    Year after year, the Federal Trade Commission deals with thousands of complaints from consumers paying money for government grants -- only to find that a scam artist disappeared in the… Read More

  • How to Record Grants Receivable

    Grants refer to awards of money or direct assistance given to deserving individuals or organizations with an aim of promoting or achieving certain goals or objectives. It is very important… Read More

  • Agricultural Hobby Farm Grants

    The popularity of hobby farming has grown as people seek organic alternatives and a return to a simpler way of life. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, small farms… Read More

  • How to Get Government Grants to Start a Preschool

    Starting any business requires funding, and government grants for small businesses are a great source. Starting a preschool means two types of grants might be available: small business and education.… Read More

  • Grants for Black Business Owners

    Several grant opportunities are available to serve minority populations. Many of these grants are designed to be accessed by minority entrepreneurs specifically. However, there are very few grants in place… Read More

  • Do You Have to Repay Grants?

    If you do not fully understand the purpose of grants and how they work, it would be helpful to clear up a few misconceptions. Grants are not simply free money,… Read More

  • How Can I Get a $25,000 Grant to Open a Woman-Owned Business?

    To help women achieve their goals, a variety of business grants are available through a wide range of sources. Grants to help women start or expand a business are generally… Read More

  • First-Time Business Owner Grants for Women

    There are many grants to support the entrepreneurial efforts of women. Grants are funds that do not have to be repaid by the business owners. Most grants are set up… Read More

  • Do You Have to Pay Small Business Grants Back?

    The great thing about small business grants is that if you can fund your company with them, there is almost no risk to your personal finances if the company goes… Read More

  • Small Business Grants for Women in Mississippi

    Finding grants for women-owned small businesses in Mississippi requires research and effort. The two best sources of information are the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Women's Business Ownership,… Read More

  • Non Profit Organization Grants in Virginia

    Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on the funds that are generated from grants. Grants can make up a significant portion of the revenue that nonprofit organizations need in order to offer… Read More

  • Government Grants For Children's Daycare Centers

    Every year government grants are available for daycare centers to utilize to balance their funding. These sorts of grants can make the difference between being able to start up or… Read More

  • First Nations Business Grants

    The Government of Canada has launched several grant initiative programs for Aboriginal and First Nations business development to build an Aboriginal economy designed to encourage self-reliance and viability of the… Read More

  • Information on Grants

    The U.S. government provides grants for a variety of purposes and, depending on your situation, you or your business could qualify for assistance. The vast array of grant programs can… Read More

  • Sewing Grants

    Whether your interest in sewing is educational, charitable or business-related, many organizations offer grants to help fund your sewing efforts. Groups with an interest in the art of sewing offer… Read More

  • How to Apply for Small-Business Grants for Women

    A small-business grant is a sum of money an entrepreneur does not have to repay. Several agencies and organizations have small-business grants targeted specifically at women, but the application process… Read More

  • Kentucky Grants for Women Small-Business Owners

    There are a lot of different places to look for grants. Governments at the federal, state and local level often give out grants to help non-profit organizations or members of… Read More

  • How to Write a Grant for a Gun Range

    A number of federal and state grants are available to support gun ranges. Grants range from those focused on improvements to facilities to supporting program activities to introduce the public… Read More

  • Government Grants to Start Up a Farm

    If you’re looking to start a farm, state and federal government grants are available to help you buy farmland or to develop land you already own into a working farm… Read More

  • How to Get Free Grant Stimulus Money

    The federal stimulus package that was passed in order to boost the economy will release $800 billion into the U.S. economy in specified increments. The Obama Grant Money website explains… Read More

  • Who Gives Grants?

    If you're looking to raise funds for a project, activity or program of yours or an organization you're involved with, you're in luck. Many grants from many different kinds of… Read More

  • Free Office Equipment for Non-Profits

    Technology changes quickly, and many people replace their electronics every two or three years. Those "outdated" appliances could often still provide many years of use, however. By learning where to… Read More

  • Grants for Animal Shelters or Rescues

    Millions of dollars are donated each year to animal shelters and rescue organizations helping homeless or abused animals. Many have a specific focus, such as helping farm animals. But many… Read More

  • How to Get Donations to Start a Business

    Raising startup funding is one of the biggest challenges for any new business. Banks are often reluctant to make loans to start-ups, while public and private grants are usually restricted… Read More

  • How to Locate Grants for Free

    The federal government and state governments make grants, which are forms of free funding, available to nonprofit charities, scientific organizations and small businesses. In contrast to other forms of financing,… Read More

  • How to Qualify for Free Grants

    Grants are funds that are awarded for a specified purpose and do not have to be repaid — they are considered to be "free money." However, while grants do not… Read More

  • How to Get a Coke Sponsorship

    Getting sponsors for your event or organization can help provide funds for equipment, supplies, uniforms and anything else you may need. Big corporations lend themselves as sponsors as a way… Read More

  • How to Apply for Stimulus Money for Small Business

    In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act designated $787 billion for business stimulus. Much of this money has not yet been released or assigned; therefore, it is still possible… Read More

  • How Do You Apply for a Small Farm Grant?

    Applying for grant money may be one of the tasks that made Old MacDonald feel old. Few people go into farming because they love doing paperwork. Grant money can, however,… Read More

  • Military Business Grants

    Over the past several years, the unique needs of deployed soldiers and returning veterans has evolved into an ongoing economic concern. As a result, financial assistance for military-enrolled or veteran… Read More

  • International Grants for Small Business

    Entrepreneurs play a crucial role in developing solutions to many of the world's most daunting problems. Business innovators are required in every field -- from agriculture, to energy, to education… Read More

  • Grants for HIV/AIDS

    Nonprofit organizations devoted to HIV/AIDS advocacy or feature AIDS-specific programs can apply for grant funding that helps them raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. Grants help recipients educate community members about ways… Read More

  • Grants for the Disabled to Start Up a Business

    Many grant programs exist to help disabled entrepreneurs realize their dream of starting a business. However, the chances of receiving a grant are highest if the entrepreneur is currently unemployed,… Read More

  • How do I Get Florida Farm Grants?

    Farm grants in Florida can come from a variety of sources. Federal grants are available from the USDA. Some grants are slated specifically for Florida residents, but others are open… Read More

  • How to Apply for a Grant to Open a Group Home in California

    People with developmental disabilities are entitled to services in California. While many developmentally delayed persons are able to live independently or with family, some live in group homes. The California… Read More

  • Entrepreneur Magazine Grants

    Entrepreneurs looking for grant moneys to assist with any type of for-profit business venture will find that they are few and far between. Grants for magazine publishing endeavors are no… Read More

  • Small Business Grants for Convicted Felons

    Grants specifically for ex-felons are re-entry grants for states and nonprofits to help ex-felons re-enter communities. Small business grants, unless they specify that ex-felons cannot apply, are available for anyone… Read More

  • Christian Charity Grants

    Christian charity grants are designed to benefit organizations with faith-based causes. Youth Christian camps, emergency pregnancy centers, Christian senior citizen centers and women’s ministry are a few examples of organizations… Read More

  • Transportation Grants for Daycares

    Grants specifically for daycare transportation are difficult to find, but grants are available for daycare businesses, and many facilities and equipment grants may be used for transportation purposes. The U.S.… Read More

  • How to Find Special Needs Grants for a Business

    The Recovery Act of 2009 proposed by President Obama has opened up many opportunities for grants. The Department of Health and Human Services works to promote the goals of the… Read More

  • Grants for Starting a Horse Business

    A variety of grants are available for individuals and groups that want to start a horse business. The types of grants the potential new business is eligible for will depend… Read More

  • Grants for New Boilers

    Several programs sponsor grants for purchasing and installing new residential and commercial boilers. Grants cover the costs associated with the construction and renovation of these structures, including administrative and labor… Read More

  • How to Apply for Minority Business Grants in Atlanta, Georgia

    Grants for minority-owned business startups in Atlanta, Ga., may be available from private entities and local county and city sources, depending upon the nature of the business. Federal and state… Read More

  • Barn Renovation Grants

    Several programs are available that sponsor grants to cover the costs of renovating barns and other structures on farms in the United States. Grants are used to pay for materials,… Read More

  • Grants for Bakeries

    Several public and private funding sources offer grants to help bakeries improve their facilities, create jobs, or design nutrtion-friendly programming. Some funding opportunities are available through the recent federal economic… Read More

  • How to Apply for Bailout Money for a Small Business

    The federal government has provided bailout money to assist the many struggling small businesses throughout the United States. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), the federal government has allotted… Read More

  • Senior Transportation Grants

    Several programs are available that sponsor grants to finance transportation services for senior citizens to reach their destinations. Grants are used to modify vehicles to accommodate senior citizens and persons… Read More

  • Grants for Hispanic Women Starting a Business

    Hispanic women who are starting a business may be eligible for grants through federal, state, local and regional programs. Searching grants for Hispanics and grants for women separately may provide… Read More

  • Business Grants for Women in Wisconsin

    Developing a small business can seem daunting, especially finding the funding necessary to ensure a good start. The options available include loans and grants specifically targeting women or grants targeting… Read More

  • Grants for Starting an Alpaca Business

    Alpaca farming is gaining popularity in the U.S. Alpacas produce a unique type of wool similar to cashmere, with 22 naturally occurring basic colors. The wool is shorn off in… Read More

  • Ohio Grants for Women's Small Businesses

    Ohio has developed grant funded business programs for women and minorities to increase minority job opportunities and to assist women who may not otherwise get the support or financing needed… Read More

  • Grants for Group Homes for Developmentally Disabled Clients

    Grants are available from a variety of sources to fund programs that benefit people with disabilities, including group homes. To receive funding, you must find a grant with criteria that… Read More

  • How to Get Grants to Build a Nursing Home

    The Baby Boomer generation is aging. According to a 2008 Census Bureau report, more than 70 million U.S. citizens are age 55 and older. Many of those people will be… Read More

  • US Government Municipal Grants

    U.S. government programs sponsor grants for municipalities to fund community, economic development and recreational projects. Grants are used for construction and renovation projects as well as public infrastructure improvements. Funds… Read More

  • Homeland Security Emergency Management Vehicle Grants

    The Department of Homeland Security sponsors grants for government and public safety agencies to purchase vehicles to strengthen their abilities to respond to hazards, disasters, acts of terror and other… Read More

  • Federal Grants for Home Repair for the Disabled & Elderly

    There are federal programs available that sponsor grants to fund renovation and repair projects on homes owned by the elderly and disabled. These grants are used to purchase equipment, as… Read More

  • Grants for Women Inventors

    Mary Kies received a patent in 1809 for her process that used silk to weave straw. It was the first time a woman received a U.S. patent. Women were prohibited… Read More

  • How do I Write a Grant Needs Assessment?

    Grants are a form of financial assistance from the federal government that allow individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to carry out work for the public. In order to secure a grant… Read More

  • Grants for Small Hispanic Businesses

    Hispanic-owned small businesses and start-ups typically look for financing through small business loans and venture capital, but grant monies are also available to aid small businesses starting up. According to… Read More

  • BC Provincial Government Farm Grants

    Agriculture can be a difficult industry to break into and to survive in, especially in Canada where the farming sector is very competitive. If you find yourself struggling to develop… Read More

  • How to Apply for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grants

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grants are large-scale private foundation grants in the United States. They not only provide support for organizations based in the United States but in… Read More

  • Norwegian Small Business Grants

    Norwegian small business grants are provided by government entities, as well as private and non-profit organizations. The grants are awarded to provide financial support to individuals for start-up funds or… Read More

  • Grants for Lead Pipe Replacement

    Several grant programs are available to replace lead pipes and other presence of lead in residential, public and commercial buildings. Grants are used to pay for renovation and remodeling projects… Read More

  • Grants for Private Companies

    Several grant programs are available to companies operating in the private sector. Grants can provide capital for start-up companies, cover operational expenses and fund research and development projects. Funds from… Read More

  • Grants to Start a Day Care Center for Low Income Families

    The government and private institutions help to support the children of low income families with grant programs that provide for development and expansion of day care options. For many families,… Read More

  • Federal Grants for Municipalities and Recreational Facilities

    Several programs are available that sponsor grants to finance construction and renovation projects of recreational facilities in municipalities around the country. Grants are used to acquire land or property as… Read More

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