Film Production

  • How Has CGI Affected Movie Making Economics?

    Computer generated imagery, or CGI, has found its way into every type of movie. No longer limited to sci-fi epics, these digital innovations have changed the face, sometimes literally, of… Read More

  • How to List Credits on a Short Film

    Credits on a short film need to be listed in a very particular way to avoid problems later on. List credits on a short film with help from a filmmaking… Read More

  • How Is the Setting of a Movie Important?

    The setting of a movie will be important in a variety of ways from the script stage all the way through production. Find out how the setting of a movie… Read More

  • How to Film a Night Scene

    The darkness holds great power. Mystery, fear, the unknown all lurk within its murky form, which is why it has been such an effective backdrop for classic cinema. A reliable… Read More

  • How to Write a Proposal for Shooting an Interview

    Interviews play an important role in documentaries, network news programs, special features and other events. A well-seasoned interviewer can make the process look as simple as sitting down and chatting… Read More

  • What Is the Role of a Documentary Director?

    The documentary director has all the duties of a director in scripted film-making, but often works with constraints others don't have to deal with. Generally, he doesn't have a full… Read More

  • How to Do Streaking Light in a Video

    Light trailing -- generating streaks from a light source -- can be used to both enhance the luminance of a shot or draw attention to light sources in a recording.… Read More

  • How to Create Silhouette Lighting for Video

    Silhouette lighting can be used to create a dramatic effect for any scene. The look is a staple of movies and television. Commonly seen in mysteries and the detective genre,… Read More

  • How to Make a Documentary With Kids

    Making a documentary is a big job, requiring research, planning, filming and editing. It’s a suitable collaborative project for a kids’ media class or for a group of friends seeking… Read More

  • How to Combine Multiple Clips in Pinnacle Studio 14

    Unless you happen to have a multiple-camera setup and full film crew at your disposal, creating professional-looking, multi-angle scenes for your videos requires some clip splitting, shuffling and combining. Pinnacle… Read More

  • How to Make a Video From Time-Lapse Photos

    Filmmakers, photographers and video enthusiasts create time-lapse videos to compress a depiction of naturally slow or gradual events to within minutes or seconds. Transferring your time-lapse photos into a video… Read More

  • How to Create a Movie Poster Billing Block

    The billing block (also known as credit block) is an important aspect to consider when designing a movie poster. Usually found at the bottom of the movie poster, this is… Read More

  • How to Make a Black Pearl Projector Screen

    Many people believe the best color for a projection screen is white. White reflects all colors equally, so that perception makes sense. However, digital projection technologies use high-intensity bulbs to… Read More

  • How to Get Fincher-Like Cinematography

    Award-winning filmmaker David Fincher has directed well-received and relevant pictures such as "Se7en," "Zodiac," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "The Social Network." He is known for a very… Read More

  • The Advantages of Storyboarding

    Storyboards are pictures of each shot in a film or video project. They may be as simple as stick figures or as complex as full-color illustrations created by a storyboard… Read More

  • Five Different Types of Lighting for Film

    Lighting a scene for film is an integral part of the art of the medium. If done incorrectly, viewers will not see enough of the scene or see too much… Read More

  • How to Make Working Batman Gadgets

    Batman's gadgets are interesting elements that make him a more appealing superhero character. They add excitement to the Batman story as the caped crusader wins over many fight scenes or… Read More

  • How to Sell Your Story to Movie Producers

    A movie usually begins with a pitch, or "logline," a short description of the story that puts value into the movie idea as a saleable project. When selling your own… Read More

  • What Is a Video Slate?

    Professional filmmakers use video slates to make sense of what would otherwise be audio/visual mayhem. Video and film directors often shoot scenes out of sequence and record audio separately from… Read More

  • How to Remove Video Noise on Final Cut Pro 7

    Final Cut Pro 7 offers default audio filters that can help with noise problems, like hum and poor equalization. However, the most effective way to reduce video noise is to… Read More

  • How to Format a Musical Script

    Formatting a musical script follows a specific structure on font name and sizes used, line spacing and text margins and indentations. It helps make the script easier to read and… Read More

  • How to Do a Segmentation on a Film

    Segmentation in film refers to the method of analyzing a film’s narrative by creating a detailed outline of the story. This outline divides the story into significant parts in order… Read More

  • How to Get Scholarships for the New York Film Academy

    The New York Film Academy (NYFA) is a film school with campuses in New York City and Los Angeles in the U.S. and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.… Read More

  • How to Extend the Length of the Timeline in Motion

    Apple Motion is a graphics editing software that differs from Apple's non-linear video editing software, Final Cut Pro. In Final Cut Pro and most other non-linear video editing software programs,… Read More

  • How to Fix a Pixelated Movie

    A pixelated movie shows blocked artifacts throughout the footage, which lessens the quality of the details of the video. This is similar to a mosaic effect applied to a video,… Read More

  • How to Combine Two Videos Side-by-Side

    Combining two videos side-by-side is also called a split-screen effect because it separates the single screen into two smaller screens with two separate videos beside each other. You can separate… Read More

  • How to Slow Down a Time-Lapse Video

    A time-lapse video allows you to view the footage of a progression of events at a much faster pace. With this technique, you can watch a completed video of the… Read More

  • How to Fake Stab Someone for a Movie

    The strength of movie making is often the thrill and delight an audience receives from watching realistic portrayals of situations. Films can properly accomplish this without directly showing actions as… Read More

  • How to Make a Soundstage

    A soundstage is a large warehouse or hangar that is soundproof and used primarily for the production of film and television. The large space allows the production to setup stages,… Read More

  • How to Make an Animated JPG

    You can create an animation out of any still image by making its various elements move in an animation program. Although professional productions use other image file formats for animation… Read More

  • Typical Characteristics of a Horror Movie

    The horror movie genre is all about eliciting from its audience emotions such as fright, terror, or disgust. Horror films typically have an unsettling theme, such as a serial killer… Read More

  • How to Cite Music in a Video

    Music is an essential part of any video production. The sound can greatly enhance the emotions and energy of the video. It is important to give all the contributing artists… Read More

  • What Are the Five C's of Cinematography?

    The five C's of cinematography are outlined by Joseph V. Mascelli in his book, "The Five C's of Cinematography: Motion Picture Filming Techniques." The five C's represent important fundamental concepts… Read More

  • How to Make Fake Tears

    While most actors can cry real tears, some assistance is often required to get realistic looking tears on camera. There are many eye drop solutions on the market, but it… Read More

  • How to Get Film Sponsorship

    While many aspiring filmmakers have ideas that are inspiring or creative, many struggle with getting funding to make their projects become a reality. Putting up the money to purchase the… Read More

  • How to Edit a Horror Movie

    Editing a horror movie requires understanding of film language. This includes knowledge of how shot size and camera movements affect the scenes in a movie, how lighting, sound, props and… Read More

  • How to Make Dark Videos Brighter

    If you are new to video editing, adjusting the brightness of a video can seem complicated. Thanks to Windows Movie Maker, nothing could be further from the truth. This simple… Read More

  • How to Pitch Movies to Hollywood

    All your life you've dreamed of being a Hollywood screenwriter, one of America's storytellers. You want to be among the select few who can capture his people's hopes and dreams,… Read More

  • How to Overlay Videos

    Overlaying videos means putting another footage, usually a watermark or a full image of a logo, graphics, animation or text, on top of the main video. It can also refer… Read More

  • How to Superimpose Video on Top of Video

    Superimposition in video editing refers to combining two or more pieces footage together to create a single video. This means overlaying the first video on top of another video, then… Read More

  • How to Film a Movie in the First Person

    A first-person movie uses the main character or the actual filmmaker to narrate the film in first person. Thematically, it also uses the point of view (POV) of the one… Read More

  • Effects to Remove Vocals in Adobe Premiere CS4

    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 is a version of Adobe Premiere Pro, a professional video editing software that is part of the Adobe Creative Suite. The software allows users to edit… Read More

  • How to Blur Background in a Video

    Blurring the background in a video is done by changing the depth of field. The depth of field is used to define the focus of the lens. For example, a… Read More

  • How to Finalize a Movie in Adobe Premiere

    Adobe Premiere is a non-linear, timeline-based video-editing software that can be purchased separately or as part of the Adobe Creative Suite, a collection of graphic design, video editing and web… Read More

  • How to Make a Video Clip

    Video clips are essentially short video sequences that are used for entertainment or educational purposes. Video clips have become a popular form of media in recent years thanks to video-sharing… Read More

  • Bogen 3063 Specifications

    Bogen is a professional photography and video equipment company that has recently been acquired by Manfrotto distribution. The Bogen 3063 fluid head is one of its high quality tripod heads… Read More

  • Different Kinds of Storyboards

    The storyboard is one of the most ubiquitous and vital filmmaking tools. Nothing more than a series of illustrations that visualize the action of a screenplay, storyboards allow a filmmaker… Read More

  • How to Use Songs on a Video

    Adding music to your video before you post it online makes it more noticeable, gives it more punch, and can help cover up those annoying soundtrack blunders that often arise… Read More

  • Some Important Things About Walt Disney

    Walt Elias Disney, born December 5, 1901, contributed more than 40 years of his professional life to the motion picture industry, giving the escapism of animation to the world during… Read More

  • Locations Used in the Filming of "Fireproof"

    “Fireproof” is an independent Christian-based film by Alex and Stephen Kendricks. The movie was filmed in 2007 for $500,000. It earned a staggering $33 million, making it the top-earning independent… Read More

  • How to Contact 20th Century Fox

    With one of the most recognizable logos in the entertainment industry, 20th Century Fox is actually a generic name for a number of companies. News Corporation owns the various businesses… Read More

  • Plantations Used for Filming Movies

    One of America's famous and most grandiose claims to historical architecture is the antebellum plantation, that stately sprawling property so innate to the South's panorama. Throughout the years, many movies,… Read More

  • What Are Edit Handles?

    When creating a transition or experimenting with the duration of a video clip, an editor relies on a set of extra frames called edit handles. Edit handles allow the editor… Read More

  • Fun Documentary Ideas

    The documentary film has moved from being solely a denizen of the history and science classrooms to becoming a full-fledged art form. Documentary filmmakers like Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock… Read More

  • Difference Between Documentary and Feature Film

    The essential difference between documentary and feature film is that documentaries record facts and feature films are fiction. A documentary should be an accurate depiction of real events, people, volatile… Read More

  • What is the Difference Between 8mm and 16mm Film?

    A film gauge refers to the width of the film stock. These measurements are what differentiates one type of film from another; 16mm and 8mm are among the common measurements… Read More

  • How to Add Your Movie to Netflix

    Netflix is a multinational rental house and, more recently, video on demand service. If you are an independent filmmaker, Netflix can be a very efficient way to deliver your film… Read More

  • Use of Computers in Movies

    Computers have infiltrated almost every part of our lives, and the business of making movies is no exception. Movies cost and make millions of dollars; from the largest blockbuster to… Read More

  • The Best Cameras Used for Filming

    Professional filmmaking requires the use of quality cameras for acquiring film footage. While the best film cameras of the past are only the 35mm film cameras that use a film… Read More

  • What Are Movie Props?

    The term movie prop is short for movie property and refers to any object used by actors or set decorators in a movie. It generally refers to items used to… Read More

  • How to Make a Successful Movie

    Everyone loves watching a movie. From the early days of the silent film to the modern-day box-office blockbuster, Hollywood has made a business of meeting the needs of theatergoers. As… Read More

  • How to Shoot a Full Length Movie

    Shooting a full-length movie requires a serious investment of time, effort and money. The entire production may take a few months or more before the movie’s release. It involves dozens… Read More

  • What Is the Difference Between 35mm & 70mm Film?

    Filmmakers and cinematographers use a variety of advanced imaging and lighting technology to produce feature films and documentaries. Although digital filmmaking has become common, film cameras are still used for… Read More

  • How to Convert a Movie Into a Cartoon

    Converting movie footage to an animated cartoon style can be very time consuming and tedious. The process involves removing detail from your footage by outlining edges of the images in… Read More

  • How Make a 2D Animation Cartoon Movie

    The two-dimensional cartoon is the original form of animation before the advent of 3D computer graphics. Creating a 2D cartoon can be less complex than creating 3D animation and less… Read More

  • How to Clean Up Audio on a Video

    Using a video camera ideally allows the user to be completely focused on the video composition of the shot. However, there are times that sound problems during the shoot get… Read More

  • How to Operate a Brownie 8MM Projector

    The Kodak Brownie 8mm movie projector is a rare, vintage and very special piece of movie projecting history. The Brownie model made low-cost film projection extremely popular, the first model… Read More

  • How to Sync Audio & Video With Windows Movie Maker

    Due to advances in computer technology, editing programs and camcorders are now available at an affordable price. This has allowed almost anyone to create home movies or even make a… Read More

  • How to Make a 3D Video

    Films shot in 3D, also known as stereoscopic cinematography, are becoming ever more common and provide a unique viewing experience by making the subjects of the film appear to be… Read More

  • The Difference in a Green Screen and Blue Screen

    Green screens and blue screens are commonly used by photographers and videographers with a process known as “Chroma Key.” The idea behind Chroma Key is to place someone in front… Read More

  • Bell & Howell 1620 Features

    The Bell & Howell 1620 is a dual 8 MM motion picture projector made by Bowe Bell & Howell, a technical achievement Oscar-winning motion picture equipment company founded in 1907.… Read More

  • Can You Edit Video With the Advanced VLC?

    The VLC Media Player is an open-source program for playing all kinds of media on computers, including DVDs, audio CDs and media files such as .avi. It is free to… Read More

  • The Average Salary of a Cameraman

    Camera operators are an essential part of video and film production. They use film and video cameras to record images for television, movies and the Web. In 2013, 16,860 people… Read More

  • How do I Create a Free TV Intro?

    When making an introduction for a television show, think about creating an introduction that not only captures the spirit of your pilot, but also is catchy. Many of the most… Read More

  • How to Make a Video in Black & White

    There is more than one way to create black and white footage for a video. While some digital cameras offer an option to shoot video footage in black and white,… Read More

  • How to Turn Live Video Into Animation

    TV commercials and movies such as "A Scanner Darkly" have showcased the animation-from-live-video effect. Although this effect actually began with techniques used in early, animated movies such as Snow White,… Read More

  • How to Develop a Documentary Narrative Arc

    The narrative arc is a guide for the development of your documentary, similar to a road map. With your intended audience in mind, plan your narrative elements -- video footage,… Read More

  • How to Edit a Face in a Video

    Video is simply many still images that are played at a fast speed to look like motion. Editing a face in a video is based on this principle as each… Read More

  • How to Fix Video Audio

    Two cavemen journey out into the world of prehistory. As both cavemen revel in the discovery that the world doesn't end at the edge of the village, a train's whistle… Read More

  • Camera Techniques Used in Jaws

    Steven Spielberg's "Jaws," a film made in 1975, proved to be the first modern blockbuster. The movie carried suspense to a new level through sophisticated editing, musical scoring and camera… Read More

  • How to Build a Padded Cell Film Set

    A point has come in your screenplay where the lead has crossed the threshold into insanity. Now it is time to construct the padded cell. The iconic padded cell is… Read More

  • Video Editing Software for Children

    Making movies can be an endless source of fun for children. After the footage is shot and it's time to put it all together, it can be a challenge to… Read More

  • How to Edit an MP4 Video

    MP4 or MPEG-4 is a audio/video codec designed by the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and adapted by the International Streaming Alliance to create a standard video format for web… Read More

  • Executive Producer Job Description

    The job description and tasks of an executive producer of a music, television, or film production can vary depending on the exact production and studio. In general, the executive producer… Read More

  • What Is the Meaning of Production Design?

    If you watch a film and say to yourself, "That set looked awesome," "I loved the costumes" or "The lighting and colors were dazzling," you are admiring aspects of production… Read More

  • 2D Animation Tips

    Animation as an art-form has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past century, from traditional two-dimensional (2D) hand-drawn animation to cutting-edge, three-dimensional digital animation. When it comes to 2D… Read More

  • 2D Animation Definition

    2D animators use a combination of creative skills and specialty computer programs to create images that have the appearance to movement. 2D animation works on a two-dimensional platform, unlike 3D,… Read More

  • How to Repair an 8mm Tape

    The 8mm video tape is now considered an aging format, but at one time it was very popular. Many consumers who bought 8mm video cameras may now have graduated to… Read More

  • SAG Student Film Agreements

    The Screen Actors Guild, or SAG, is a union made up of actors for the benefit of members' working conditions. The guild's rules can sometimes be strict and generally would… Read More

  • Executive Producer Agreement

    All aspects of executive producer agreements are negotiable and vary widely, because there is no regulatory agency or union that dictates the role of an executive producer. Executive producer is… Read More

  • Lighting Effects & Mood

    Lighting can be a subtle way of changing the mood in a film or television show. Lower lighting can indicate a number of darker moods, from horror to sadness. Brighter… Read More

  • 16mm vs. 35mm Film

    35mm and 15mm both refer to the same kind of chemically based photographic film used for cinematography; the difference in name results from its width. 35mm film is 35 millimeters… Read More

  • What Is Low-Key Lighting?

    Low-key lighting is a technique used in film and television to create mood or set the tone of a scene. Often associated with the dark look of film noir, low-key… Read More

  • How to Conduct an Audition

    Conducting an audition can be an exhausting experience. No matter what type of audition you're holding--dance, music or acting for TV, film or theater--there are standard procedures that can help… Read More

  • How to Edit Videos for Free

    Professional editing suites cost hundreds of dollars and require the fastest of computers to work properly. Luckily, Windows, OSX and Linux each offer free editing programs that can give your… Read More

  • Government Grants for Filmmakers

    Public funding for filmmakers (and others in the arts) has seen better days than today, but don't lose hope. It may be a bit more challenging to find the necessary… Read More

  • How to Make Your Own Movie Theme Song

    Making our own movie theme song can be a very fun and fulfilling project. Movies require a theme song that captures the tone and energy of the film, so creating… Read More

  • What Is Direct Cinema?

    The concept of using a camera to record and report events as they happen without staging the action for the benefit of the director, has its roots in the film… Read More

  • Importance of Digital Animation in Movie Industry

    Since the creation of cinema in the 1800s, technological advancements in the movie industry have transformed films into technological works of art, very different from what they were at their… Read More

  • The History of Cartoon Cel Animation

    Many players in the history of cartoon animation have brought this medium to its current status in modern entertainment. Although Walt Disney is probably considered a pioneer in the field… Read More

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