Five Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur can provide you with a way to increase your income substantially and give you the freedom that many people dream of. Following the proper steps can separate you from the rest of those who fail at starting a business.

  1. Self Examination

    • One of the first aspects of becoming an entrepreneur is examining yourself. Before you get into a particular business, you have to look at yourself and determine if you are capable of running it. Some people do not have the natural leadership ability that it takes to be an entrepreneur. You have to gauge your skills and determine if you can start a business on your own or if you should work in conjunction with someone else.

    Identify Opportunities

    • Another important part of becoming an entrepreneur is identifying profitable opportunities. You have to be able to look at markets and business opportunities and guess which ones could be successful. At the beginning stages, you simply have to identify potential business ideas without looking at every last detail. The start of becoming an entrepreneur involves an idea. Most successful entrepreneurs have many ideas about potential businesses and writing them down can provide you with a potential business in the future. (See References 2)


    • After you identify some potentially profitable opportunities, you have to assess which ones could work. Even though some ideas might sound good in theory, you have to determine which ones could actually be profitable in real life. If you simply pursue every idea that comes along, you will most likely spend a lot of time and effort on the wrong things before becoming successful.

    Choosing an Opportunity

    • After you assess all of the available options for you to get started with the business, you have to choose one. Many people assess different business opportunities and never make the decision to move ahead with one option. At this stage of the process, you have to try to determine which opportunity would be the most profitable and be the most productive with your time.


    • After you choose an opportunity, it is time to get started. You have to implement the idea that you have chosen to the best of your ability. If you have an idea for a product, you have to actually create it. If you have an idea for a service, you have to begin offering it to the public. You will have to secure a location or conduct business from your home. Advertising to the public and eventually selling your product or service will then take you from being a dreamer to a true entrepreneur.

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