What Plants Are Cats Allergic To?

Cats who explore outdoors are often exposed to a number of plants that can make them very ill or even kill them if ingested in high quantities. There are a number of flowers, vegetable plants and wild plants that present a threat to cats. Keep cats away from plants that can make them sick.

  1. Flowers

    • Bulb plants like daffodils and tulips can cause a cat to become nauseous and vomit or have diarrhea. Ingesting these plants in high quantity can be fatal. Tiger lilies are one of the most dangerous species of plants to have around cats, as they cause the cat to experience renal failure, which is often fatal. Some species of garden and landscape plants like azaleas are also dangerous for cats, according to the Vet Info website.


    • While a vegetable garden is an asset to any home, certain plants can cause allergic reactions, like Heinz anemia, according to Vet Info. These plants include vegetables and plants of the nightshade family, including onions, garlic, tomatoes and potatoes, as well as eggplants. Cats that ingest the leaves or stems of these plants can be poisoned and become very sick or die. Keep cats out of a vegetable garden.

    Garden and Wild Plants

    • Some plants used both as landscaping and found in the wild can be highly toxic to cats, according to Vet Info. Plants like ivies and mistletoe are toxic to cats, while juniper shrubs can cause severe kidney problems if eaten. According to Cat Fancier's Association, Inc., plants like poison oak, poppies and other plants found in the wild can also be toxic to a cat. Keep cats away from potentially deadly garden and landscape plants.


    • Other household plants that cats may be allergic to include almonds, baby's breath, cherry pits and leaves, lilies, mushrooms, geraniums and ferns, as well as many others. Some plants cause more poisonous reactions than others. According to the Cat Fancier's Association, Inc., all types of lilies are especially dangerous to cats. The Cat Fancier's Association, Inc. has a list of plants that are toxic to cats and can cause allergic reactions or death.


    • Cats that have been poisoned should be taken to a veterinarian immediately. According to Cat Fancier's Association, Inc., taking the plant to the vet can help her identify what type of plant the cat has ingested and base treatment around that. Knowing exactly what the cat ate can be essential in saving it or helping it recover from a severe allergic reaction.

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