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Candles are used for a variety of purposes, whether to provide a pleasant scent throughout a room or for therapeutic purposes. The scent of sage is that of a fruity herb that is used to calm the body, clear thoughts and cleanse the mind. Aromatherapy candles made with the essence of plant oil are used in many soothing, helpful treatments.


  • Sage is used for aromatherapy, cleansing negative energy, medicinal purposes, spiritual needs, purification and healing. The botanic name is Salvia officinalis and it is recognized as the "Herb of Wisdom."

    This woody herb grows to about 40 inches, spreading low to the ground. Foliage is composed of oblong silver-gray leaves with a grainy textured surface. Blooming takes place from May through August with showy spikes of purple, blue or white flowers.

    Sage is well respected and considered to be a powerful herb used in sage smudge sticks for Native American ceremonies. Smudging clears bad energy from homes or space, making way for positive energies.

Candle Scents

  • Candle scents can change a mood or relax people. They can make you feel good about yourself, and some scents stir up old memories. The delicious smell of chocolate-chip cookies, baking bread or fruit pies often bring back memories of childhood.

    Gardenia, lavender, citrus or rose are all examples of scents that can be mood altering. Lavender removes stress and tension, while citrus energizes. Rose and gardenia scents awaken thoughts of romance.

Essential Oil

  • Essential oil can be used in scented candles, aromatherapy candles or for alternative medicinal treatments. Oils are extracted from leaves and flower tops using steam distillation. Using any type of essential oil should only be done with the guidance of qualified aromatherapy practitioners.

    Clary sage helps people who are feeling physically and emotionally depressed. It is used to remedy eye problems, stress, digestive disorders and uterine complaints. Anxiety, asthma, headaches and skin problems have been treated with Spanish sage oil.

Aromatherapy Candles

  • Essential oils are used to make aromatherapy candles, whereas some scented candles only provide fragrance. Aromatherapy candles are often used in alternative medicine to treat many conditions in conjunction with regular medical treatments. Plants and flowers can be distilled and used in combination to produce desired effects.

    Examples of using aromatherapy candles include the treatment of depression, with grapefruit, rose, jasmine or clary sage derived from essential oils. The calming properties of basil, cedarwood or bergamot help in treating nervous tension. Aromatherapy candles made with essential oil of sage, basil or geranium work well to calm people who are angry or anxious.

Clearing Negative Energy

  • Sage is burned in the form of incense, smudge sticks or candles to clear negative energy from a home. When a house has excessive negative energy, this reflects back on the person living there. People who are often depressed, sick or feel fatigued much of the time, burn sage to clean their home of negativity or spirits.

    Smudging or "saging" is a cleansing technique involving the burning of sage to banish negativity. It is used to restore balance to a person's life as well as his home.

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