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If you appreciate friendly and affectionate cats who also happen to be on the vocal side, you might like the Siamese breed. These lithe-bodied felines tend to be more communicative than many other types of cats. Siamese cats have distinct vocals that generally are louder than those of other breeds.

Some people think Siamese cats behavior similarly to canines.
Some people think Siamese cats behavior similarly to canines. (Image: Russell Illig/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Vocal Breed

When Siamese cats want attention from people, they often request it with their loud vocals. Their characteristic sounds are different than typical feline noises. Not only are their voices louder, but they also have less consistency in pitch and tone. Siamese cats frequently depend on deep meow sounds to get things from their owners.

Feline breeds that possess ample energy levels are associated with frequent meowing behaviors. Siamese cats, like their fellow Oriental breeds, are thought to be particularly vocal.

Affectionate Animals

Siamese cats are known for their affectionate and doting temperaments. The sociable animals adore human company. They're often seen sleeping on their guardian's laps or lounging around on their shoulders. Siamese cats tend to bond strongly to the important people in their lives.

Since Siamese cats love attention so much, they don't appreciate being by themselves for lengthy stretches of time. As a result, they often flourish when kept in smaller groups or duos.

Activity Levels

These relatively active, nimble and lively cats are big on playtime. Their favorite games include fetching toys and chasing. You may be able to teach your Siamese tricks with the use of a clicker. If you want to take your cat for a walk, training a Siamese to walk on a leash isn't out of the question.

While Siamese cats like activity, they also like mentally stimulating cat toys. Puzzle toys can be effective for keeping Siamese cats occupied. Bored Siamese cats sometimes open pantries, run faucets and find hiding spaces.

Anxious Behaviors

Siamese cats tend to be sensitive, bright, faithful and inquisitive animals. They're often in tune with their guardian's feelings. While they're often thought of as being confident cats, some of them possess anxious temperaments. Anxious Siamese cats tend to be wary of abrupt shifts in their surroundings. It isn't uncommon for these cats to behave distantly or jumpy when unfamiliar people are around.

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