SWOT Analysis of People


SWOT is an acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis of people occurs when you make an assessment based on your observations about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats presented by people with whom you interact. It is often used in business management. SWOT analysis of people will help you make the most of your professional relationships.


Some of the people who you should assess using SWOT are: employees, potential employees, coworkers, business partners, prospective business partners, competitors and yourself. You may also use the SWOT method to analyze a group of people, such as your sales team.


To perform an accurate SWOT analysis, you will have to examine the person's or group's strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats associated with that person or group. Ask yourself questions about the person, and be realistic with your answers.


When examining the strengths of a person or group, think about internal things such as skills, personality traits, experience and education. Ask yourself what situations bring out the best in the person or group and what sets them apart from competition.


Identifying the weaknesses of the person or group can be done by internal qualities that can be improved. Perhaps the subject of your analysis has trouble with focusing, requires more training or needs to work on his interpersonal skills.


To discover the opportunities available for the person or group to take advantage of, think about promotions that they may be qualified for, or what training or educational opportunities they can take part in. Ask yourself what the person or group can do to enhance their strengths.


Identifying threats that face a person or group can be accomplished by looking at external things that may stop the person or group from reaching their goals. Think about the competition, issues in the working environment and the changing demands of the workplace. Ask yourself if the person or group is lacking funds or equipment and if they can keep up with the next generation.



Mary has more than five years of customer service experience. She has excellent social skills, and is knowledgeable about our company's products and services.


Mary has not completed post-secondary school, and she becomes overwhelmed in a fast-paced environment.


If hired, Mary could benefit from the scholarships provided by our company. She has been invited two a second interview with another company later this week.


There are many other candidates applying for the same position as Mary is.

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