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Restaurant supervisor training usually includes both assistant and general managers. Though these employees can work together, sometimes they work different shifts, which puts them in direct charge of the restaurant's operations. Restaurant supervisor training can take place inside the restaurant or off-site with a trainer. All restaurant supervisor training must be comprehensive in teaching managers how to run the restaurant and effectively manage hourly employees.


  • In order to meet labor requirements, restaurant supervisors must be trained on selecting, interviewing and hiring talented hourly employees. Part of the supervisor's training will include learning how to use classified ads, Internet posts and even employee word-of-mouth to reach potential employees. Supervisors must also learn how to screen resumes and look for relevant experience among applicants, according to Restaurant supervisor training also includes teaching various questions to ask applicants as well.


  • Restaurant supervisor training can include reading manuals, watching videos, on-the-job training, and even classroom instruction. It is important for restaurant supervisors to read manuals so they understand the restaurant's policies and procedures. Videos may include valuable training tips for certain management techniques that cannot easily be explained in writing. For example, videos can be used to demonstrate various interview techniques with a potential employee better than words in a manual.

    Restaurant supervisors may be required to attend a one-week training session at an off-site location, learning operational strategies and management techniques from professional trainers, according to the article, "Food Service and Restaurant Management Education and Training" at


  • Supervisors must learn how to run the operations of the restaurant, including food preparation, operating registers and taking care of customers, so they can teach their employees how to do the same. Most managers or supervisors learn operational procedures while training in another manager's restaurant or franchise unit. Essentially, restaurant supervisor training entails teaching management employees how to run various shifts, particularly the open and closing shifts. For example, supervisors who open the restaurant must learn the proper food preparation and cooking procedures before the restaurant opens. They must also know how to get the cash registers ready for the day, or make early bank deposits. Moreover, closing supervisors need to learn how to put food away at night and close the registers down.

Ordering and Inventory

  • Restaurant supervisor training also includes teaching general and assistant managers how to order food products and supplies, how to check them in and where to store them. The supervisors will also need to learn when and how to take inventory so they can keep the restaurant fully stocked with all food, cleaning and paper products.

Building Sales

  • Another important facet of restaurant supervisor training is building sales and profits. Supervisors must be trained on reading sales, cost of goods sold and labor reports to ensure they are meeting sales and profit goals. Many restaurants use computerized systems from which to run these types of reports. The key thing for managers is learning how to run these reports and use them in their analyses.

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