Volleyball Coach Job Description

Volleyball coaches recruit volleyball players, decide player positions, guide players' performance and instruct players on proper technique. In high school settings, volleyball coaches are in charge of setting tryouts, selecting a team and setting play and practice schedules. College or university volleyball coaches have the added responsibility of recruiting top players to the school and managing scholarship offers and requirements. Volleyball coaches can also become a mentor to team players and help foster teamwork.

  1. Form Team

    • Volleyball coaches have a central role in forming the volleyball team. They may hold tryouts or have open games to determine who would be best-suited to play on the team. In college and university settings, the volleyball coach has a key role in recruiting high school volleyball athletes to the university. This may include coordinating campus visits, working to offer the student a scholarship or inviting the student to games. Once the players have been determined, the coach also decides which athletes are best-suited to each role on the team and may select a team captain.

    Set Schedules

    • Volleyball coaches set the practice schedule for the team and the game schedule and tournament schedule. It is essential that the coach is available to travel with the team to every game, an expected part of the job.

    Supervise Athletes

    • Volleyball coaches must regularly make sure that all athletes on the team meet academic requirements for team participation. This varies by school, but most players are required to pass classes and meet attendance requirements. Coaches may set up tutoring sessions if some players have trouble in specific classes. The coaches must also supervise the student's life outside of school. They serve as a mentor and make sure that any problems players face at home or in personal life are addressed.

    Work With Others

    • A volleyball coach is not isolated and must be willing to work with the athletic director, other coaches, school administration and players' parents. This may include preparing budgets, informing them of any problems with athletes, working out any scheduling conflicts and preparing budgets for the team. They must communicate with athletes' parents about costs, schedules and expectations.


    • Salaries for coaches vary widely depending on the type and size of the school where the sport is played. If a volleyball coach is also expected to teach classes, this can change how much she can typically earn. In positions where there is a head coach and assistant coaches, the head coach earns more.

      According to Salary.com, head coaches of a minor sport earned between $31,786 and $79,422. In general, universities pay more than high schools. At small colleges or schools, the position may be part-time and pay less than $1,500 for the season.

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