What Are the Negatives of Taking Breast Actives?

Breast actives are used in the hopes of enlarging breast size.
Breast actives are used in the hopes of enlarging breast size. (Image: pills image by Allyson Ricketts from <a href='http://www.fotolia.com'>Fotolia.com</a>)

In the quest for larger breasts it seems that women will try just about anything. From herbal supplements and breast pumps to surgery and creams, big breasts seem to appeal to a lot of women. Not all women however are willing to undergo surgery to achieve the cup size they want. The procedure can be expensive and recovery time is involved. Instead, creams and pills known as breast actives are used in the hopes of achieving a fuller bust.


Breast actives are a series of herbal supplements condensed into one pill. They are often made up of dandelion root, fenugreek, blessed thistle, kelp, fennel, wild watercress, dong quai and oat bran. Manufacturers of breast actives claim that the herbs contained in their pills go through a careful selection process and are then mixed together in just the right amounts to ensure that breast enhancement will be successful and will not cause side effects to those who take them. Some of the negative effects that a person might experience from breast actives are an allergic reaction to the herbs contained in the pills and an adverse effect from mixing the herbs in breast actives with prescribed medication.


Breast actives are supposed to increase a woman’s bust size. The herbs that the pills contain are believed to increase a woman’s natural hormone levels, thereby stimulating breast growth and increasing breast size. More specifically, the estrogen levels in a woman’s body are said to increase when taking breast actives. The pills, however, do not contain any estrogen; they are supposed to be completely made up of natural herbs and no chemicals.


Women who are nursing or pregnant cannot take breast actives. In addition, the desired results may not happen as quickly as the user hopes. Breast actives may have to be taken continuously for up to six months. Women taking breast actives should avoid products that contain caffeine. The pills need to be taken at the same time every day, which may not be possible for some women. In addition to taking pills, women seeking a bigger bust may also have to use a cream to achieve the desired results.


While breast actives are said to be natural and are not supposed to cause any negative side effects, there is no concrete evidence to prove that women have not experienced negative side effects. In fact, there is no evidence that the pills are safe to take, either. Because there is no information available regarding long-term side effects, taking breast actives should be considered carefully. If there are any doubts about whether breast actives are safe, a doctor should be consulted.


While it’s true that estrogen promotes breast growth, it’s also true that it promotes tissue growth in the uterus. One of the main ingredients in birth control pills is estrogen. However, another main ingredient in birth control pills is progesterone. Because estrogen stimulates tissue growth, progesterone must also be included to counteract the growth process. Breast actives, on the other hand do not contain progesterone, which means that while estrogen is promoting tissue growth, there’s nothing to counteract that growth, so the risk of cancer is something that should be considered.

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