Job Description for an Infantry Team Leader


An infantry team leader is a low-level infantry supervisor who commands a fire team, which is the smallest unit in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. Infantry squads are always men, so infantry team leaders are also men. In the U.S. Army, they hold the rank of sergeant, while, in the Marine Corps, they hold the rank of corporal.

Army Fire Teams

  • Army fire teams have four or five men led by a sergeant. This sergeant is a rifleman, while the members of his team are one or two riflemen, a grenadier, and an automatic rifleman. The Army team leader's responsibility is to direct his men in the context of the mission. Not only does he need to be aware of where his men are, but he also needs to be aware of where other fire teams are through, which requires constant communication with the squad leader.

Marine Fire Teams

  • A Marine fire team is made up of three or four men. The team leader and one or two of his men carry rifles, while one marine carries a heavy automatic machine gun for suppression.

    Like the Army fire team leaders, the Marine corporal in charge directs his men and keeps track of where the other men are. He does not have to maneuver other squads into position; this is the job of the squad leader, who is in charge of three fire teams.

Army Promotion

  • Unlike commissioned officer positions, it is not possible to start your military career as a non-commissioned officer such as sergeant. Instead, you start as a private and prove yourself worthy of promotion to sergeant. If your performance is above average, you mayattend the NCO Academy at Fort Benning, Georgia, which trains infantrymen in leadership. You will also learn more about the duties and responsibilities of a sergeant in an infantry division, while gaining advanced training and war-fighting skills.

Marine Corps Promotion

  • The Marine Corps follows a similar path to team leader promotion. One can study leadership, military tactics and training techniques at the Corporals Course at Camp Pendleton in California.

Marine Corps Compensation

  • Marine corporals have an E-4 rating. Pay for an E-4 with two years of service or fewer is $2102.80 per month in 2014, while service members with 10 or more years in service earn $2427.20 per month. Most fire team leaders will be paid somewhere in between these two amounts.

Army Compensation

  • Army sergeants are E-5. Pay for an E-5 with two years of service or fewer is $2,327.40 per month in 2014. For 12 or more years of service, pay was $3094.80. Most sergeants will fall somewhere in the middle.

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