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Ride attendants are responsible for safely operating the rides at a fairground, carnival or theme park. They assist children and the elderly getting on and off rides, according to Career Planner, and may also take payment from customers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes the industry is categorized by seasonal, young and part-time workers.


  • No formal educational requirements are needed to become a ride attendant, in fact, the BLS reports that almost 37 percent of those in the industry have no academic qualifications beyond high school. Many employers hire young workers who work for relatively low wages. Those seeking work as a ride attendant may be required to undergo a background check when working around children and should have good interpersonal skills.


  • A ride attendant is a public facing role. Candidates should have good communication skills and enjoy working outdoors and alongside others. Ride attendants may be required to assist people on and off rides so should therefore have a friendly, helpful and polite manner. An awareness of company health and safety procedures is also required to ensure the ride is operated in a safe manner.


  • The responsibilities of a ride attendant may vary between organizations. According to Career Planner, typical duties involve ensuring customers abide by height restrictions, ensuring seat belts and safety bars are correctly positioned, collecting cash or ticket payments and performing minor maintenance work such as changing light bulbs. Ride attendants should abide by health and safety policies ensuring only the correct number of people are on the ride at one time and erecting barriers in front of the ride where necessary.


  • The BLS reports that much of the work is carried out outdoors and can be noisy, crowded and hot. Full-time hours are also very limited. The BLS note that the average amount of hours worked in May 2008 was 24 per week, compared to an average of 33.6 in other industries. Because of the seasonal nature of the work, many employers scale recruitment back dramatically during winter months.


  • Earnings in the recreation industry are relatively low, as many workers are employed on a part-time or seasonal basis. The BLS report the average hourly wage of recreation attendants in May 2008 was $8.19.

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