Rottweiler Canine & Kidney Disease

You can keep your Rottweiler's kidney's healthy.
You can keep your Rottweiler's kidney's healthy. (Image: sentry duty. image by guiney from <a href=''></a>)

The Rottweiler breed of dog is one of the breeds that are genetically prone to canine kidney disease known as glomerular disease. Be sure to take your dog to your veterinarian on a regular basis for thorough exams, urine and blood tests. The condition will continue to progress as time goes by, so it is imperative to get treatment for your dog in the earliest stage of the disease. Prevention is the best medicine, though there are many options to treat kidney diseases for your Rottweiler.


The Rottweiler can be affected by a disease of the kidneys, glomerular disease. Glomeruli are tiny filtering units in the kidneys that filter water and small substances from the bloodstream. Glucose and electrolytes are filtered and absorbed by the kidneys, while unnecessary substances exit in the urine. When immune complexes of antibodies and antigens get trapped in the glomeruli, it activates an inflammation in the body that causes damage to the glomeruli, resulting in glomerulonephritis, leading to excess loss of protein into the urine (proteinuria) and renal kidney failure, if left untreated


According to, some of the symptoms of these canine kidney problems found in the Rottweiler are excessive urination and drinking, lethargy, swollen abdomen, change in appetite, depression, vomiting and diarrhea.


Specific diagnostic tests will be performed on your Rottweiler to get a definitive diagnosis as to the extent of the kidney disease and treatment. Tests may include a blood test, complete blood count, serum blood tests, a kidney biopsy, urine protein/creatinine ratio, an X-ray and ultrasound.


Treatment may begin with a prescription of a cortisone type medication such as prednisone for your Rottweiler, depending on the diagnosis of the canine kidney disease. Aspirin may also be recommended as well to prevent clotting within the glomeruli. Another prescription may be an angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor such as enalapril, to help minimize protein loss in the urine. Aside from the medicine therapy that your vet may prescribe, a fluid therapy is important, with plenty of fresh water available to keep the kidney working well. Change of diet is also imperative, providing a diet of low protein, minerals and salt, according to

Home Care/Prevention

The best thing you can do is follow the treatment plan of your veterinarian for complete medical therapy. With plenty of fresh water and fluid therapy, along with the prescribed diet for your Rottweiler, and regular followup visits to your vet, your dog can remain, healthy, happy and free of kidney diseases.

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