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Wyoming offers some great hunting opportunities.

While hunting has been an American tradition for generations, the proper safety precautions must taken to prevent a fun afternoon from turning into a possibly deadly situation. Many hunting accidents occur when people are not properly educated. While the state of Wyoming is a great place to hunt, it is important you take the proper precautions before you head out.

  1. Identification

    • According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, the state will not issue a hunting license unless the applicant possesses a certificate of competency and safety when using firearms, issued by the state after completing a hunter safety course. These hunter safety courses are offered by the state of Wyoming free of charge.

    Time Frame

    • The minimum amount of time needed to gain your certificate is 12 hours of class instruction, according to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. However, some classes may go longer, up to 18 hours. Some schools in Wyoming also offer hunter education to their students that culminates in receiving the certificate. Time and day of classes will vary from instructor to instructor.


    • Wyoming's hunter education classes are taught by volunteers who are skilled hunters. Sometimes classes are taught by people who work for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Among the topics covered in the course are hunting ethics, gun safety, first aid, survival and wildlife identification. The course also helps hunters understand hunting laws and about wilderness conservation.


    • To pass Wyoming's hunter education course, you will be required to pass an exam at the course's culmination. According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, you will need to get at least 70 percent of the questions right to pass the exam. If you pass the test, you will be given a card that proves you completed the course.


    • Part of the curriculum involves using live rounds at a shooting course, so students need to come prepared to fire a gun. Also, teachers can fail students who display a negative attitude or do not cooperate during class. Once you pass the course, your card will have reciprocity with most other states, should you move.

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