Glock Safety


Glock pistols such as the Glock 17 and Glock 19 are known for being some of the safest handguns on the market. This is due in large part to Glock's innovative and unique trigger safety (also known as the Glock Safe Action System). The Glock Safe Action Trigger System is made up of three safety features: the trigger safety, firing-pin safety and drop safety.

Safe Action Trigger System

  • Made up of a partly tensioned firing pin lock, the Glock Safe Action System is governed simply by the Glock's trigger. As the trigger is pulled back, each of the three safety features begin to automatically deactivate, leading to the eventual firing of your Glock pistol.

Trigger Safety

  • The first of the three Glock safety features is the trigger safety. On all Glock pistols, the trigger is the only external moving component and once the trigger is pulled, each Glock safety feature begins to deactivate, preparing your Glock pistol to fire. To reactivate the trigger safety, simply take your finger off the trigger and all safety features will reengage.

Firing Pin Safety

  • The second safety feature of a Glock pistol is the firing-pin safety, which is a steel pin that is used to block the firing-pin channel. This makes it impossible for the firing pin to strike the primer of a round. When you pull the trigger of your Glock, the blocking pin is pushed upward and out of the firing-pin channel, allowing the firing pin to strike the round's primer. Once the trigger is released, the firing pin safety is reactivated.

Drop Safety

  • The final component of the Glock Safe Action System is the drop safety. The Glock drop safety helps prevent unintentional firing of your Glock handgun in case you accidentally drop the pistol. When the trigger of your Glock pistol is pulled, the trigger bar is deflected from the safety ramp. However, if you don't pull the trigger of your Glock and the pistol is accidentally dropped, the trigger bar will remain guided along the safety ramp, making firing the gun impossible.


  • While other handguns require you to manually switch the safety on or off, the Glock trigger safety operates under one simple rule: When your finger is away from the trigger, your Glock pistol is secure; pull the trigger and all three safety devices are deactivated one after the other and your Glock is ready to fire. When the trigger is released, all three safety features are then reactivated and your Glock pistol is once again secure, making Glock pistols some of the safest pistols you can own.

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