Spin Bike Vs. Treadmill


The gym offers a plethora of workout options. You may rely on the treadmill for the simplicity and benefits of running and cardiovascular training. Many other options are available if you are looking for something different. The spin bike is one such machine that provides a great workout for muscle development, cardiovascular improvement and fat-burning exercises.

The Treadmill and the Spin Bike

  • The treadmill lets you run in place, and you control a variety of options such as speed and incline. You can program training regimes that simulate running up hills or in an urban area. The spin bike is a sit-down device that mimics the effects of road biking. You can control the resistance of the bike, which simulates riding uphill of shifting into a higher gear. Some spin bikes have electronic screens where you can monitor time and resistance.

Benefits to Treadmill Use

  • Treadmills offer the better opportunity for weight loss and cardiovascular fitness compared with spin bikes. In terms of calories burned per hour, the treadmill far outshines the spin bike. With a treadmill you can burn 50 to 250 more calories per hour than on a stationary bike, according to truefitness.com. Additionally, most treadmills have electronic components that allow you to customize your workout for the desired time, intensity and incline. Some spin bikes are electronic.

Downside to Treadmills

  • Treadmills are a weight-bearing exercise and can aggravate ankle and knee problems. The intensity of running puts a heavy load on your lower extremities which mostly transfers to your knees and ankles. This repetition of many miles of running causes injury in many runners. Additionally, treadmill running can be boring to many people which keeps them from using them.

Benefits to Spin Bike

  • Spin bikes are non-weight-bearing machines. This takes away the impact to the joints and inner workings of the knees and ankles. This style of exercise also lowers the impact to your body overall and allows you to increase your heart rate without also increasing the stress to your joints. They are also cheaper than treadmills. Additionally, by changing resistance and using the features of electronic spin bikes you can simulate outdoor riding and hills.

Downsides to Spin Bikes

  • Spin bikes do not burn as many calories as a treadmill. This is significant if you are exercising specifically for weight loss and fat burning. Burning an equal amount of calories requires a longer time or intensity commitment on a spin bike. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds and run for an hour at 10 minutes per mile, you will burn about 850 calories, whereas an hour at a moderate pace on a stationary bike will only burn 650 calories, according to Internetfitness.com.

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