What is Drione Dust


Drione dust is a commercial powder insecticide commonly used for carpenter ants and cockroaches. The powder kills by desiccating or dehydrating the insect until it is dead. Drione is the product name for an Aventis-manufactured mix of pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide. It is marketed in various size packages for use by homeowners.


Drione insecticide is used in the control of insects. The powder forms a smoke or dust when applied to an area. This dust settles into cracks and crevices where insects can hide. The dust provides residual insect killing capacity for up to 6 months if the area remains dry and undisturbed.


According to the Material Safety Data Sheet for Drione, the insecticide is made up of 1 percent pyrethrin, up to 10 percent piperonyl butoxide and 40 percent amorphous silica. The silica is serves as a carrier agent for the active ingredients. The remaining 49 percent of the Drione dust are inactive ingredients.


Drione dust is applied at a rate of about 1 pound per 800 square feet. Applicators should wear rubber gloves along with eye and breathing protection during use in enclosed areas. Keep children and pets away during the application process.


Drione dust should be stored in secure containers in areas removed from food or water. Maintain room temperature, and keep the product dry. Quantities of more than 1 pound of Drione should not be stored in any establishment were food is handled.


Sweep up small spills and place in an approved container, then dispose of according to local government waste disposal regulations. Do not allow water used in the cleanup to access storm or sanitary sewers. Fire is a possibility with large spills. Remove any ignition sources, lights or appliances from the area. Use grounded tools during cleanup to eliminate the possibility of a static spark. Gather the Drione dust and dispose of according to local insecticide disposal regulations.

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