Nightlife in Manaus, Brazil

Manaus is the capital city of the state of Amazonas in Brazil. The city is in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, connected to the outside world by airplanes and long-distance river boat travel. Manaus is a major ecotourism destination and a starting point for expeditions into the jungle. This lively city also has an equally vibrant nightlife.

  1. Bars

    • Websites such as, Lonely Planet and Just Brazil recommend Bar do Armando. Located in front of the Opera House in Rua 10 de Julho 593, Bar do Armando is one of the most famous bars in Manaus. According to, "Artists, philosophers and other interesting people gather at Bar do Armando for the conversation." Lonely Planet also recommends Choparia São Marcos, on the corner of Av Floriano Peixoto, and two bars in the Ponta Negra area, Laranjinha Bar and Purão do Alemão.


    • recommends Disco Studio Tropical Night as a good dancing destination. The club is inside the Tropical Hotel in the Ponta Negra area. Forró is one of the most popular dancing styles in Brazil, and visitors should definitely go to at least one forró venue. The Club de Forró in Manaus, officially known as the Club dos Sargentos da Aeronautica, is a good option. Lonely Planet also recommends Coração Blue in Ponta Negra, where a range of musical styles can be found.

    Gay Bars

    • There are two popular gay bars in Manaus. Enigma is a bar-discotheque at Rua Silva Ramos 1054, where you can find live music, DJs and a mixed crowd. According to, the Turbo Seven club "is super popular in the gay culture for its drag shows and go-go boys." Turbo Seven is in the center of Manaus at Rua Vivaldo Lima 33. It only opens on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 p.m. until late.

    Ponta Negra

    • The Ponta Negra area is the nightlife hotspot in Manaus. Ponta Negra beach, outside the Tropical Hotel, comes to life at night with all manner of shows and performances. You will be surrounded by street performers, dance events and concerts from some of the city's top musical acts when you take a nighttime stroll through Ponta Negra.


    • The Amazonas Opera House, opened in 1896, is perfect for a more relaxing, highbrow evening. According to the Frommer's website, the theater has a "resident philharmonic orchestra, choir and dance group." The theater, officially known as the Teatro Amazonas, is at Praça São Sebastião in the Centro district.


    • You should exercise caution when heading out at night as safety issues do exist. The website highlights the Rua Visconde de Mauá area as one to avoid. Crime and robbery occur often in Manaus, especially on unlit side streets at night. Go to bars and discos with friends, and avoid drinking too much alcohol, to lessen the risk of potential problems. Free drinks offered by strangers are sometimes spiked, and you should not accept them.

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