The Price for Breast Implants

Most of us know or have seen a woman with breast implants, but we have always wondered how much she paid for her surgery and never asked. It's actually tough to know for sure, as the costs associated with breast augmentation vary greatly depending on the surgeon, the location and the type and placement of the implant.

  1. Extra Costs

    • Though national average prices for breast augmentation surgeries range from $3,000 to $4,000, suggests these figures do not reflect the actual amount patients are likely to pay for their surgery. These figures include the cost of breast implants themselves, but do not include the following: anesthesia, medical facility fees, prescriptions, surgical garments and medical testing. Surgeons and anesthesiologists practicing in large cities or more affluent neighborhoods most likely charge more for their services than doctors who practice in more rural areas.


    • According to, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons lists the national average surgeon's fee for breast implants in 2005 at $3,406. The American Society for Aesthetic Surgery, however, lists the average price for breast augmentation at $3,583 for saline implants and $4,005 for silicone implants. argues that these figures are not completely accurate, as breast augmentation prices will vary from region to region and do not include "various associated expenses."


    • Experts advise against purchasing "cheap" breast implants, though the idea of paying much less for surgery may sound tempting. recommends basing your decision on surgeon credentials rather than on the price he is offering for surgery. Make sure the surgeon you choose is "board certified, experienced and professional." On the other hand, just because a surgeon offers breast implants at a high price does not guarantee the best results possible. You should always base your decision on the quality of the surgeon, rather than the high or low cost of breast implants.

    Insurance Responsibilities

    • Since breast augmentation is an elective cosmetic procedure, insurance companies do not generally cover costs associated with this kind of surgery. The only exception to this rule might be if the patient is having surgery related to cancer, such as breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, or severe breast trauma. Another important thing to note is that insurance companies generally do not cover costs associated with any kind of surgery complications relating to breast augmentation. Some companies even maintain they will not cover any breast-related treatments for women who have had breast implants.


    • According to the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery, the placement and incision type of breast implants can impact the price of breast augmentation surgery. Women have the option of choosing subglandular implant placement (implants are placed above the chest muscles and under the breast tissue); partial submuscular implant placement (implants are placed partially under the chest muscles and under the breast tissue); or complete submuscular implant placement (implants are placed under the chest muscles). The optimal location of implant placement depends on the size of the breast implant, and costs vary based on implant size.

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