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Contrary to popular belief, the Royal Marine diet does not consist of all protein and beer. Such misconception dates back to the American Revolution when talk of a "lack of variety" in the Royal Navy's meal was prevalent. The truth, according to historians from The Navy & Marine Living History Association, is that the Marine commando diet has been quite varied all those years.

In fact, if you are interested in becoming a Marine Commando, you may want to subscribe to an eight-week pre-joining fitness program accompanied by a marine commando diet plan in preparation for the 32-week intensive commando training that is ahead of you.


  • The diet of a marine commando should consist of complex carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread, pasta, brown rice, oats and vegetables. All these help your body to slowly release energy into your blood stream. You'll need all the energy you can store for a whole day of intensive training.

    More importantly, you need to ensure that your body has enough protein for muscle repair to prevent stress and fatigue and to aid in muscle building. Sources of good protein include chicken, turkey, fish and skimmed milk.


  • Drinking a minimum of 1 ½ liters of water everyday is very important. Tea and coffee intake should be kept to a minimum as caffeine tends to make you dehydrated.

    Dehydration is the last thing you need during training, let alone in a real battle. Never let yourself feel thirsty. During the first phase of training, you will be compelled to carry along a water bottle everywhere you go.

Intake Level

  • Calorie intake for Marine Commandos varies between men and women. According to the Royal Navy nutritional guide, the maximum calorie intake for men should be 2,500 while the requirement for women is 2,000. Men should also limit their fat and salt intake to 95g and 7g, respectively, while women should follow a 70g and 5g limit.

    However, these figures may still change as you go along with your training. The more intensive the exercises become, the more calories your body tends to consume. You have to balance this, one way or another, in order to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.


  • A commando diet will require five small meals a day to continuously replenish lost energy. Breakfast should be able to jump-start your metabolism. Taking a starchy snack 30 minutes before training will raise your blood sugar levels in preparation for the intensive workout, while taking a snack 30 minutes after the training should be protein-rich to aid muscle growth.

General Tips

  • Always remember to eat before you become hungry. That way, you will be compelled to eat little, just enough to keep you full until you are ready for the next meal or snack. This will maintain your body's energy level throughout the day. It will also prevent the build up of body fats and instead, help increase your muscle mass.

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