Dog Injuries From Jumping

Dogs can be injured while playing.
Dogs can be injured while playing. (Image: funny dog pet running with ball retrieve ears up image by Paul Retherford from

Dogs, like humans, tend to overextend themselves at times. Most dogs want to play all day, and they don't take into account the strength or health of their body and bones. Jumping from high places or over exercising when playing and jumping can cause torn ligament and cartilage and broken bones. Luckily these are all treatable conditions.

Joint Injuries

Joint injuries are those that cause damage to the structures surrounding joints. They can include cartilage and ligament injuries. Most of the time, these injuries are caused by blunt trauma, according to Overexercise and jumping can cause joint injuries. The most common type of a joint injury from jumping in dogs is cranial cruciate injury, a rupture of ligaments in the knee.

Other Injuries

Other potential dangers of jumping for dogs include broken bones and paw injuries. If a dog jumps off a high ledge, for instance, it could break a bone in its leg, just like a human could. If a dog jumps down onto something sharp, such as broken glass, it could suffer cuts.


Symptoms of injuries from jumping can include sudden lameness or favoring of a certain leg and swelling. Dogs may lick their paws more than they normally do if they are trying to remove foreign objects from the pads of their feet.


Treatment of these injuries varies with the severity of them. Dog owners may be able to remove splinters or other small objects on their own without the help of a veterinarian.

Other injuries such as torn ligaments or broken bones should be treated by your vet. Your dog may need to stay off its feet for a period of time to allow the injured area to heal, or your vet may need to perform surgery or create a temporary cast for your dog’s broken bones.


Consider your dog’s age and overall health when you exercise with your pet. Older, larger dogs are prone to arthritis and brittle bones. Overweight dogs are at a greater risk for injury than healthy-weight dogs. If you suspect your dog is injured from jumping, don’t delay in getting help. Joint problems can sometimes lead to infection, as can foreign objects left in a dog’s body for too long.

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