What Is Certo Liquid Pectin?


Certo liquid pectin is a specific type of pectin, produced by Certo, a subsidiary of Kraft, from lime peels. Pectin is a naturally occurring carbohydrate. It is present in fruits and vegetables and used to build cell walls. In the presence of sugar, pectin forms strands that help fruit mixtures set into preserves.


  • Certo liquid pectin is produced in Mexico from lime peels. Fruit that is slightly underripe or slightly ripe has the greatest amount of pectin. Fruit that is too underripe will have a bad taste, while food that is fully ripe will contain less pectin. Pectin is responsible for the creation of cell walls; thus, as fruit ripens and becomes soft, the pectin breaks down into simple sugars. Pectin was first discovered in 1825, although it has been used inadvertently for centuries.


  • Certo liquid pectin differs from other brands and types of pectin in the ratio of ingredients used to make preserves. According to Certo's recipe for blackberry jam, two pouches of liquid pectin are required with 4 cups of fruit and 7 cups of sugar. In comparison, Certo crystals require 5 cups of fruit and the addition of water. Liquid pectin also is more convenient to use than the crystal form, which needs preparation.


  • Certo liquid pectin is safe to eat in small amounts and is made of natural ingredients. This makes it great for other kitchen applications such as decorating cakes. Pectin is an effective fruit-based glue. It is sweet but otherwise without prominent flavor, making it ideal for attaching decorative objects to centerpieces and desserts.

Home Remedies

  • Some anecdotal evidence suggests that liquid pectin may be useful in relieving chronic arthritic pain. While there is no compelling scientific evidence, there are many stories of people suffering from arthritis who consumed a mixture of pectin and grape juice to relieve joint pain. However, Certo liquid pectin contains sodium benzoate, used as a preservative. This compound reacts with citric acid to form benzene, a substance that is correlated with cancer. As with many self-medications, it is important to consider the risks before using this remedy.

Fun Facts

  • Certo uses lime peels for pectin in North America, but in the United Kingdom, Certo uses recycled crushed apples. The apples are typically used for ciders or juice, and Certo uses the leftover mash to extract liquid pectin.

    Blackberries and cranberries are high in pectin, but strawberries and blueberries are not.

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