Marketing Copywriter Job Description


Marketing copywriters can work for large corporations or even small upstart organizations. Some marketing copywriters are freelancers and must sell their services to companies or advertising agencies. A marketing copywriter is primarily responsible for taking ideas and concepts such as new products and writing information pieces on them in an effective, readable manner. The marketing copywriter's goal is to get the attention of potential buyers and ultimately get them into the store and buy the product.

Meeting With Company Employees

  • Marketing copywriters are usually part of the marketing or advertising department, if they work in a corporation. Marketing copywriters spend much of their time meeting with other areas of a company such as the brand group, business development and even the sales department. During these group or one-one-one meetings, the marketing copywriter usually takes notes from various managers on different requests for written materials. The marketing copywriter's job is to take accurate notes so that he can produce written materials as specifically required by these managers.

Organizing Projects

  • Most marketing copywriters have many projects to complete within a specified time period. Hence, it is crucial that these professionals develop a project log that lists the names of the projects, who requested each project, steps involved in bringing the projects to fruition and when the projects are due. Project logs are often done on the computer in a spreadsheet. The marketing copywriter will then allocate certain periods of the day for working on each project, prioritizing writing activities for projects that are due first.

Writing Annual Reports And Company Brochures

  • A marketing copywriter's job description usually entails writing the annual report for corporations. This important document is often produced on slick stock paper in booklet form and provides detailed information on the company's financial performance. Additionally, the marketing copywriter will usually interview and write bios about senior managers and include some interesting verbiage about the company's product line. The marketing copywriter also produces smaller brochures that the company can hand out to potential clients or shareholders.

Writing Sales Collateral Materials

  • Marketing copywriters usually write sales collateral materials for sales representatives, including product brochures, visual aids that show advantages of the company's products versus competitive brands, and even market facts. Marketing copywriters often highlight marketing research findings in sales collateral material. These writing professionals also proofread their writing before publishing it.

Writing Advertisements

  • Sometimes, the marketing copywriter is required to write display advertisements for new products or products available through mail order. These display advertisements can appear in newspapers or even national magazines. The marketing copywriter will usually write a strong headline that entices the reader to read the rest of the advertisement. The marketing copywriter chooses various print and font sizes to increase the advertisement's appeal. The marketing copywriter also writes the print versions of radio and television commercials.

Writing Direct Mail Pieces

  • Marketing copywriters usually write direct mail pieces for companies that generate leads or sell products by mail. A direct mail piece will usually include a sales letter, brochure and order form. Sometimes, the copywriter designs the envelope to entice people to open the mailing. Whatever the case, the marketing copywriter must write enticing copy that prompts people to mail in a check or use their credit card for a purchase.

Education Background And Requirements

  • Marketing copywriters usually have a baccalaureate degree in business, English, communications or virtually any major as long as they have a college degree and penchant for writing. Marketing copywriters must be creative, have a general command of the English language, and know how to persuade people through their writing.

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