Why Does My iPod Touch Play Songs Twice in a Row in the Car?


Apple's iPod has a number of features that allow users to customize their music experience. If you are having problems getting your music to sync or play properly, mostly likely there is an issue in iTunes or on your iPod's playback settings. First, make sure your songs have been properly imported into iTunes. The other option is to make sure you haven't accidentally selected the repeat or shuffle options on the iPod.


  • Check to see if your iPod is set to shuffle. According to Apple.com, "When the shuffle feature is turned on, the iPod won't repeat a song until it has played through the entire album, playlist or library."


  • If your iPod is playing songs twice, the "repeat" function is probably the culprit behind the issue. This function allows songs to be repeated once or looped continuously. If the repeat feature is set to "off," the device will play through a song only once. If the repeat feature is set to "repeat one," the device will replay one song and repeat it until you stop it. If the "repeat all" feature is selected, the device will play through all songs in the music library or playlist until you stop it.

Making a Playlist

  • Playlists can be made two different ways. First, you can you use the "Smart Playlist" option that allows users to group music by selecting various categories like artist name, genre, album, or by the date you added the music into iTunes. The other option is make a regular playlist. With this method, the program creates an untitled playlist that allows users to manually add songs to the list. To add music to a regular playlist, just create and name the playlist, then go back to your music library and right-click the songs you want to appear in the newly created playlist.

Check Selection

  • Depending on your iPod's syncing settings, you may need to go through your iTunes music library to make sure you have all the songs in your playlist selected or "checked." You may also want to make sure the songs are selected or "checked" in your music library as well. If you notice that your iPod keeps playing songs from your playlist twice, and it's on the shuffle setting, you may want to leave the music unchecked in the music library, but check the song in the playlists. Also, check your iTunes music library to make sure you don't have duplicates of the same song.

iTunes and iPod Rating

  • According to Jason Guthrie of Theappleblog.com, "The rating system is such a powerful tool since it’s one of the few ways to actually 'tag' your music." He reports that the star rating system can be a powerful ally in getting your music library under control. Once you have rated your music, you can use the smart playlist function to create playlists of your highest rated music.

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