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Home remedies are often called natural remedies. They are used when artificial chemical remedies would be too harmful. In the case of insects, many people do not want to scatter dangerous poisons in their house to deal with infestations. Others may not want to harm the ants, just discourage them. Whatever your reason, there are several natural ways to repel ants.

Establish Points of Entry

  • Find where the ants are coming into your house from before you try any of these techniques. Setting ant deterrents at these locations will be more effective then scattering them haphazardly throughout your house.

Cutting off Entry

  • Establish where the ants are coming from and cut off their access. For instance, if they are coming in through a branch touching your house, cut down the branch. Additionally, small holes can be filled in to stop ants. This will also double as winterizing when the cold weather comes.

Alternate Solutions

  • Place small lights near entrances to keep ants away. If cutting off access does not work, there are several other ways of discouraging ants. Cayenne pepper, bay leaves, string soaked in citrus juice, cinnamon and coffee grounds form barriers that ants will not cross. Bitter cucumber slices, dried mint leaves and cloves will discourage ants in a greater area.

Natural Poison

  • Use a solution of 1 liter water, 1 tsp. sugar, and 1 tsp. borax soaked into cotton balls to lure ants and poison them at their source. The sugar will attract the ants and they will carry the cotton back to their nest to feed on. There they will eat the borax and die. Borax is a natural substance that is used primarily for cleaning, but is toxic when consumed. Keep the cotton balls away from pets and children.


  • Natural remedies are safer than chemicals, but many believe that they are not as effective.

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