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Beagles can have problems with allergies.
Beagles can have problems with allergies. (Image: Beagle image by Buffy1982 from

The beagle, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), is a sturdy hunting dog that is happy, friendly and makes a good family pet. Beagles are typically healthy dogs with few physical problems, but they do have allergies that you will want to watch out for if you are a beagle owner.


Beagles, according to Beagle Pro, can have internal and external allergies. Allergy symptoms can range from mild to severe, and Beagle Pro advises that you pay special attention to signs of allergies in your beagle. Many beagles are either misdiagnosed or the owner dismisses the symptoms, and a beagle’s allergy symptoms can be misleading.


Pay attention, according to Beagle Pro, if you notice loss of fur, where either the beagle's coat gets thin or completely falls out. Dry, itchy skin may appear on your beagle’s stomach, but most likely will be in the places where your beagle is scratching. Excessive chewing on himself, a dull coat, upset stomach, eye discharge, coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing noises are signs of potential allergy problems.


If your beagle has an upset stomach, this is a sign of an internal allergy. The most common cause, according to Beagle Pro, is something your beagle has ingested, and the common reason is the type of dog food your beagle is eating. Beagles can be allergic to anything from milk products to wheat, and this results in an upset stomach with vomiting and/or diarrhea. Eliminating that food will take care of the stomach allergy.


External allergies, according to Beagle Pro, are caused by your beagle coming in contact with any number of things. These can include fleas, dog shampoos, grooming solutions and home products such as laundry detergent, carpet cleaners and air fresheners. Ragweed, dust, mold and secondhand smoke can also cause beagle allergies. Many of these types of allergies, such as dust or secondhand smoke, can cause breathing problems, coughing and wheezing.


If you aren't sure how to treat your beagle’s allergies, consult your veterinarian, according to Beagle Pro. You can, however, take some steps at home to help your beagle combat his allergies. If your beagle is having breathing problems, use an air filter in your home to control dust and pollens. Reduce mold by using a humidifier, and air conditioning can reduce the amount of airborne allergens because you are keeping your windows closed. If you smoke, do it outside or in a room that is not part of your house.

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