The Importance of Time Management in Student Life


Balancing school demands, student involvement and family matters can be a difficult task. At times, it can be challenging to know what to do first. Practicing time management makes it easier to accomplish the demands of being a student. If you become a time management expert, you’ll be more organized and realistic about what you can do. You'll also learn to multitask and become successful in all aspects of your life.

Experience Substantial Results

  • When you commit to an established schedule, you’ll feel more in control of each day. You’re less likely to fall behind in your classes and leadership responsibilities if you’ve set aside time to get them done. Scheduling time to read for a class or complete a rough draft of a paper will help you stay on track. Falling behind in even one class can be overwhelming. Alternatively, if you schedule time for each class requirement, you’ll meet deadlines and experience academic success. Reward yourself when you stick to your schedule or work ahead in a class. For example, allow yourself an extra hour of sleep or time to be with friends as an incentive to work a little harder.

Feel Healthier and Happier

  • Managing your time is a way to manage your overall wellness as a person. You’ll learn how to set limits and minimize stress. When you stick to a schedule, you’re more equipped to know how much you can handle. For example, if you’re asked to join a new club or work extra hours, a set schedule will enable you to know if it’s feasible to say yes. A regular routine allows you to build in time for recreation and rest. Balancing these time demands will help you avoid the need to cram or stay up all night to finish a paper or assignment.

Learn to Be More Flexible

  • Committing to a schedule doesn’t mean there isn’t room for flexibility. Knowing how to manage your time means you have the ability to respond to unexpected situations. For example, if a friend asks you to go to a movie, you can swap a scheduled study time for a slotted social time without worry. A schedule is a template, but it shouldn’t confine you. In the long run, effective time management encourages a positive routine but teaches the art of flexibility to allow for a well-rounded student experience.

Become More Organized

  • Effective time management encourages top-notch organizational skills. You’ll be more in tune with your priorities by knowing how you’re going to get things done. Effective time managers create a schedule that indicates commitments such as classes and student organization meetings and compares it with other wants and needs. The best way to become organized is to create a system that works for you. For example, if visual cues are a motivator, use a color-coding system to flag the most important tasks.

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