Brugmansia Poisoning


The poisonous yet popular plant Brugmansia, or angel's trumpet, can cause a potentially fatal illness if ingested. Prized by gardeners for its large, trumpet-shaped flowers, all parts of the plant carry toxins which affect humans and animals alike.


  • The large flowering shrub Brugmansia originates from South America. The plant requires a warm and humid environment in order to grow, making it a common addition to gardens across the lower half of the United States. Brugmansia also makes a common addition to indoor gardens in colder areas were the plant cannot survive outside. According to Floridata, incorporating Brugmansia in gardens has been banned in some areas due to its toxic nature.


  • All parts of Brugmansia contain tropane alkaloids, dangerous toxins known to have hallucinogenic effects. The seeds of the plant, located within the blooming flower, contain the highest concentration of the poison. Because of the tropane alkaloids, Brugmansia has commonly been used as a hallucinogenic drug. Each plant has a different level of tropane alkaloids, making this practice dangerous and unpredictable.


  • According to the National Institutes of Health, symptoms include delirium, hypertension, increased heart rate (tachycardia) and increased pupil dilation. Brugmansia poisoning also carries with it the possibility of fatality; however, when properly treated, the chance of death is low. Humans and animals exhibit similar symptoms of Brugmansia poisoning. However, animals tolerate a significantly lower dosage than do humans.


  • Treatment for Brugmansia poisoning involves stomach pumping, sedation and close monitoring of the patient until the effects pass. Patients need to be kept in a hospital while the effects last to ensure that treatment is available should more serious symptoms such as seizures occur.


  • If you have ingested any part of the Brugmansia plant, seek medical attention immediately. Brugmansia is not a safe hallucinogenic and can cause death. The poisoning severely affects animals as well; if ingestion occurs, take the animal to the veterinarian for care.

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