Goats and Eye Infection

Regularly check your goats' eyes for any signs of infection.
Regularly check your goats' eyes for any signs of infection. (Image: goats image by matko from Fotolia.com)

Goats can develop infections in their eyes due to bacteria or from defects of the structure of the eye, such as inverted eyelids or rolled out eyelids. All these conditions are treatable if handled properly and in a timely fashion. However, with all cases, consult your veterinarian before administering any medication to your goat.

Mycoplasma Conjuctivitis

Mycoplasma conjunctivitis, commonly called pinkeye, is a highly contagious disease of the membranes of the eyelids. Numerous microorganisms cause pinkeye; however, the most common are chlamydia psittaci ovis and mycoplasma conjunctivae. It is usually carried from direct transfer from one goat to another or by flies, especially during hot, windy and dusty weather. Signs of pinkeye generally include watery eyes with excessive tearing, cloudy corneas, and sensitivity to light. Ulcers on the eye develop in severe cases.

Treatment for Pinkeye

Pinkeye is treated with topical antibiotics, such as tylosin, which is applied directly to the eye or given as an injection under the skin. When pinkeye is caused by chlamydia psittaci, a subconjunctival injection of penicillin is given as well.

Inverted Eyelid

This infection is caused when the eyelid rolls inward and exposes the cornea to irritants. Symptoms of inverted eyelid include light sensitivity, swelling of the cornea and surrounding membranes, repeated blinking and red, watery, cloudy eyes.

Treatment for Inverted Eyelid

Topical antibiotics of Terramycin or Neomycin are used twice a day to relieve the swelling and irritation. First attempts to correct the condition are done by rolling the eyelid out and pulling gently on the eyelashes every few hours. If this does not correct the problem, a veterinarian administers an injection of procaine penicillin below the eyelid to force it to turn out. If this procedure does not work, surgery is an option.

Rolled Out Eyelids

Rolled out eyelids is a condition where the bottom eyelid is loose and floppy, allowing foreign objects to irritate and infect the eye. Surgery performed by a veterinarian is the best treatment.

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