What Is GS-11 Grade?


Managers and employees both want a rational method of determining job skill set and salary. Federal civil service has set classifications that specify level of education and a salary table. There are 15 General Schedule levels. Each GS level has 10 steps in the salary table.


  • In 1949 Congress passed the Classification act. Using a principle of equal pay for equal work, the Office of Personnel management was to define a classification system for duties, qualifications and responsibilities of employees. They were to name these classifications and to make sure the current employees were place in the correct positions and at the correct play. The resulting system was adapted by many states to qualify, place and compensate employees.

GS 11 Qualifications

  • A GS 11 position is generally someone who has completed a doctorate in a specific field relating to their job. In the legal field, a GS11 would be someone who had achieved the JD (Juris Doctor) degree from a law school, had graduated in the top 10 percent of her class, and had passed the bar or could be expected to pass the bar within 14 months. She would be on trial service and if she failed to pass the bar within the required time, her employment would be terminated.

    The Environmental Protection Agency hires people who have a PhD in biology, health or physical science, who have graduated from an accredited university and who have completed a year of specialized study in researching the effects of air pollution on human or animal subjects and have the ability to do risk assessments.

    The Bureau of Indian Affairs hires interdisciplinary civil engineers who can help with contracts for water and mineral rights and understands hydrology.


  • The government hires GS 11 positions in a wide variety of occupational specialties. In addition to subjects already mentioned, there are jobs for accountants, architects, business, economics and finance experts, educators, facility and equipment managers, and human resource specialists, experts in information technology, information, arts and public affairs, inspection, investigation, enforcement, and many other disciplines.


  • GS 11 is not a terminal or dead end classification. After someone has time and is seen to make a contribution, he may apply for GS 12 or 13 positions.

Job Search

  • USA Jobs web site provides information for a wide variety of GS 11 jobs under each of the subject specialties. It provides information as to the specific location of the job, the agency looking for employees and whether tenure is a possibility.

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