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The Visa Waiver Program allows citizens of several different countries to travel to Canada without a visa. For citizens that are not allowed to enter Canada under the visa waiver program, they must apply for a Canadian visa before they can enter the country. Also, any person who wishes to enter the country for a period of stay longer than 90 days, or for purposes other than tourism, must apply for a visa.

  1. Visa Application Package

    • If you have to apply for a Canadian visa, each visa will require you to submit a completed visa application package to the Canadian consulate or embassy within your residency. A valid national passport must be submitted along with the application, payment of application fees, additional passport photos, a postage-paid return envelope, travel insurance and proof of financial stability. Additional documentation may be required, depending on the specific visa you are applying for.

    Nonimmigrant Visas

    • For those that wish to enter Canada on a nonimmigrant visa (those that do not intend to move to Canada or eventually claim residency in Canada), they must complete a nonimmigrant visa application. This visa application can be downloaded from the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship website as a PDF file (see the resources section). The application will require information on your citizenship, passport, contact, employment and educational history. Tourism, visitation and student visas are all nonimmigrant visas. Most work visas are also nonimmigrant visas.

    Work Visa

    • For those who wish to enter Canada on a work visa, they must provide the Canadian consulate or embassy with a letter of a job offer from their Canadian employer.

    Visiting Family

    • People who are coming to Canada to visit family members in Canada must provide a letter stating that the visa applicant was requested by family to come to Canada. The letter must also state that the family is willing to accept full responsibly on behalf of the visa applicant during his stay in Canada.


    • Those who wish to study in Canada must submit documentation that they have been accepted into a Canadian school. They will also have to prove that they will be financially stable while in Canada and can afford their schooling.

    Immigrant Visas

    • Several immigrant visas are available. Most of these visas require sponsorship. This can be done through family or employment. Those who wish to immigrate to Canada on an employment visa must show that they are either educated or have an essential skill that is necessary to their employment. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada lines up several opportunities for those who wish to immigrate to Canada. It is important to review all of the options before applying to see what your best option is for entering Canada.

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