Boxer Puppies & Bumps on Their Heads

Boxer puppies have characteristically bony skulls.
Boxer puppies have characteristically bony skulls. (Image: puppy image by sonya etchison from

Boxers originated in Germany during the 19th century, and quickly rose to prominence as strong, loyal dogs that formed quick attachments to their owners. Those personalities make them equally popular as pets. If you are planning to adopt a boxer puppy, it's important to understand the puppies and their unique physical attributes.

Breed Characteristics

Boxers are strong, solid dogs. They were bred for both fighting and hunting in Germany, but since have been bred down to become house pets. They range in color from solid brown to fawn and white, brown and white, brindled and pure white. Boxers can reach 25 inches in height at maturity.


Boxer puppies are born in litters that can range from two puppies to more than 10. These puppies are born large, due to their breed, and should be relatively friendly at a young age. When picking out a boxer puppy, pick one that appears strong, healthy and energetic. Talk to the breeder about the puppy's lineage and health.

Skull Formation

Because boxer puppies are born with loose skin and go through rapid growth spurts, their skeletal structure usually is quite obvious. This includes the shape of the skull, which is distinctive to the breed. When puppies are young, the skull can appear misshapen by bumps over the eyes and between the ears. These bumps become less obvious as a puppy grows and gains weight, and are not a sign that a puppy is damaged or deformed.


Boxer puppies need lots of exercise and mental stimulation from a young age. These are dedicated dogs, and show the hunting breed-specific characteristic of growing attached to their master and asking for a lot of personal time and approval. As a large breed, they require high-quality nutrition from the start, along with enough exercise to help their bones and muscles develop.


Boxers are genetically prone to both Cushing's and epilepsy. Although Cushing's generally is seen only in older dogs, epilepsy may present in puppies. White boxer puppies can be born deaf and should receive a BAER test to confirm that they can hear.

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