Salary for an Allergy and Immunology Physician

Job opportunities for all physicians, including allergy and immunology doctors, are expected to be good, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Projections are calling for a 22 percent increase in job openings for these professionals between the years 2008 and 2018. Allergy and immunology physicians earn an above-average income, according to, often topping $157,000 a year just starting out.

  1. Job Defined

    • Allergy and immunology physicians are medical doctors with extended training who specialize in the management and treatment of allergies, auto-immune diseases and asthma-related illnesses. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, patients whose symptoms are closely monitored and managed by an allergy and immunology physician generally make fewer overall trips to the doctor's office and tend to miss less work and school. Becoming an allergy and immunology specialist requires an average of at least nine years of study and training.

    Job Experience

    • According to a March 2010 survey by, more experience equals more money when it comes to these specialized doctors. As a beginning allergy and immunology physician, you can expect to earn an average of between $116,653 and $157,692 a year to start. After you have worked from one to four years, your earnings on the higher end could climb considerably--up to $191,507 a year. Allergy and immunology physicians who have practiced for at least a decade are reporting earnings of between $152,605 and $252,134 a year.

    Employer Options

    • There are several employment options for allergy and immunology physicians to choose from, all of which could have an effect on earnings. According to a 2010 survey by, these professionals who are employed in hospitals are earning some of the lower salaries. These workers report earning at least $100,000 a year and up to $175,000 annually. Working for someone else in a private firm can increase earnings potential, with those allergy and immunology physicians reporting salaries ranging between $120,405 and $198,385 a year. Allergy and immunology specialists who are self-employed are reporting the highest earnings, averaging between $160,170 and $247,897 a year.

    Benefits and Perks

    • Practicing allergy and immunology physicians can also come out ahead with added benefits and perks from their employer, according to a 2010 report by These professionals who carry a company-provided 401k or retirement plan are reporting average annual incomes of at least $123,870, and up to $229,643 each year. Allergy and immunology physicians who receive company-paid continuing education and tuition reimbursement are claiming slightly higher incomes, ranging between $122,084 and $236,740 a year. Those specialized doctors with a company-provided cell phone are reporting average salaries of between $141,499 and $245,139 annually.

    Gender Makes a Difference

    • The field of allergy and immunology seems to offer a slightly better earning potential for males, according to a 2010 finding by Out of 30 allergy and immunology professionals who were surveyed, those female workers are reporting earnings of at least $120,000 a year on the lower end, and up to $200,000 each year at the higher end of the chart. Their male counterparts who were surveyed are reporting earnings of at least $130,000 a year and up to $239,503 each year.

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