AKC Hungarian German Shepherd Training

German shepherds make very efficient and powerful police dogs.
German shepherds make very efficient and powerful police dogs. (Image: german shepherd image by Aleksander from Fotolia.com)

German shepherds are large, agile dogs. Hungarian German shepherds are a line of German shepherds that are bred and raised in Hungary. Their kind, intelligent personalities have led them into occupations such as guiding the handicapped, rescue work and K9 partnerships in police forces, as well as being popular household pets. Any of these disciplines require a willingness to accept and cooperate with training.


German shepherds were first bred and raised in Germany by Max von Stephanitz. The first approved German shepherd was presented in 1899. They were brought to America in 1907 and quickly adapted to positions that required intelligence and training, such as film roles and service disciplines. Hungary maintains its own German shepherd breeding program, where breeders maintain specific lines of German shepherds that are protected in and kept to the country.


German shepherds are large and well muscled, with coarse coats that range from brown or black to a combination of brown, white and black. Ideal height is 24 to 26 inches in males and 22 to 24 inches in females. Healthy dogs can weigh up to 85 pounds.


According to Max von Stephanitz, the creator of the breed, a German shepherd should have a "firmness of nerves, attentiveness, unshockability, tractability, watchfulness, reliability and incorruptibility together with courage, fighting tenacity and hardness." These characteristics make German shepherds ideal candidates for training and service.


Training Hungarian German shepherds is a relatively straightforward experience, given the intelligence and willingness of these dogs. Training is usually started when a dog is young, smaller and more docile. German shepherds who are destined to become police or service dogs require training that includes obedience and attack commands, bomb and drug sniffing, and rescue work training. For German shepherds destined to be pets, training should include obedience commands and standard behavioral training.


German shepherds are commonly used in performance and working capacities. They are a favored breed for police dog work, due to their natural aggression and trainability. They also serve as seeing eye dogs and aides for the handicapped and as search and rescue dogs.

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