How Do Magnets Work on Slim Belts?


There are always trends in the weight loss world, but most advertised products do not work as well as claimed. Slim belts are no exception. Magnetic slim belts may offer healthier circulation, but there is no evidence to support the claim that they aid in weight loss.

Slim Belts

  • Slim belts are weight loss products that claim to make the wearer lose weight without the need for rigorous exercise or dieting. They work in one of two ways. The first is using vibrations to stimulate muscles around the waist, causing constriction and relaxations of muscles, equivalent to doing hundreds of crunches or situps, leading to weight loss and toned abs. The second way is by creating a sauna around the waist, causing sweat, leading to weight loss. The sauna may be created by the fabric placed around the waist or through the use of a heating mechanism embedded in the belt.

Magnets in Slim Belts

  • Some slim belts have added features, such as magnets or gems, to encourage blood flow, cell respiration and ultimately, weight loss. Magnets have long been used in medicine to aid in physical therapy, encourage healing and in massage for pain relief. According to most magnetic slim belt manufacturers, these magnets are usually regular, rare-earth metal magnets.

Benefits and Claims

  • It is argued that magnets added to slim belts increase cell respiration, which is the process of breaking down fats and carbohydrates into usable energy, which is then sweated away. Magnets also increase blood flow and circulation. This not only warms up the body, but also promotes a healthy body. The magnets also give the core muscles a massage.

Unexpected Benefits

  • There are a couple of other benefits that might not be expected. Purchasing a slimming belt gives the user motivation. Even if the belt itself produces no results, the wearer may be more motivated and focused to eat healthier and exercise more often. The other hidden benefit is looking slimmer while wearing the belt. Some slimming belts are wide enough to act as a girdle, creating the appearance of a slimmer body by sucking in the core and smoothing it out.

Slim Belt Skepticism

  • Despite the claims from magnetic slim belt manufacturers, there is little supporting evidence that these belts actually cause weight loss. However, the magnets in the belts may actually be beneficial. When used in a vibrating slim belt, the wearer can have a nice massage, ease pain, increase blood flow and relax cellulite so it will not show as much.

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