Importance of Using Gadgets in Teaching in School


Teaching and learning in today's schools can be quite challenging for teachers and students alike. Not only have expectations changed for the teachers, but students also are expected to learn a lot more and at an earlier grade than before. Using gadgets in the classroom, such as iPods, SmartBoards and digital electronic devices, satisfies the growing list of technology standards and prepares students for life beyond the K-12 classroom.

Technology Standards

  • Most school systems have technology standards that all students must attain at various points throughout their education. Education standards are guidelines that define the knowledge and skills students should possess during certain points throughout an academic year. And while the standards differ, the expectation that today's students need to become more familiar with technology does not. In fact, many school systems offer county-wide teacher training for effective ways to implement the use of various gadgets such as SmartBoards, Mimios and Interactive Whiteboards. School systems invest a great deal of money into these devices to encourage and motivate educators to create interactive and engaging lessons.

Preparation for Real Life

  • The impetus for incorporating technology standards into the curriculum for most school systems is preparation for real life. Because society is becoming more technologically advanced, school systems are having to keep up with trends to better prepare students for life outside of school.

Makes Learning Interesting

  • Gadgets also help to make the learning environment interesting and engaging. As we move toward a more digital society, kids are being exposed to technology and digital devices at a young age. So when they come to school, they have little to no patience for lecture-style teaching. Students are seeking a high-tech, digital experience in the classroom. And while they may not get this exactly, with the continual use of various digital and high-tech gadgets, they are coming close. SmartBoards, Ipods, and Mimios are just a few of the gadgets that are improving the quality of education in today's school.

Engages all Learning Styles

  • Since not all students learn in the same fashion, employing the use of gadgets in the classroom helps teachers reach all learning types. SmartBoards can engage the visual, audio and kinesthetic learners. Ipods can reach the audio and visual learners, while digital cameras and videos reach the kinesthetic learners. Using gadgets to engage all learners will facilitate the comprehension of content and allows for consistent progression in the teaching of material.

Offers Access to All Students

  • All too often, underprivileged kids will not have familiarity with new technological advances or devices outside of the classroom. The use of various gadgets within the classroom gives these students the opportunity to use devices and equipment that they would not ordinarily have access to.


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