What Is the Meaning of Pseudocode?


Pseudocode is an artificial programming language that allows computer programmers to develop logic before executing a particular code. It can be defined as the blueprint of a code, which details a step of actions (or the procedure) and the order in which the steps are to be executed. It can be thought of as a textual representation of a flowchart, reflecting the structural concepts of code.


  • Pseudocode is a type of structured English that defines program algorithms. It allows programs to focus on an algorithms core logic before setting it in formal programming syntax. Pseudocde is not executable on a computer. Instead, it helps a programmer design code before its actual implementation.


  • The main purpose of pseudocode is to describe clearly what a code (or program) is supposed to do. It breaks down a code into steps and highlights their sequence of action. Pseudocode allows coders and programmers to dry-run a code to check for errors and inconsistencies before writing it in a programming language.


  • Pseudocode is composed of sentences, clauses and words. It follows a structured pattern, with statements written in a sequential order. Pseudocode uses selection statements (if, then and if, then, else), and the initial keyword in each statement needs to be capitalized. It requires one statement per sentence, which need to be indented to show code hierarchy.


  • M = 10
    N = 5

    (where M and N are variables)

        IF (M >= N) Then

    Statement 1


    Statement 2

    END IF

    Statement 3

    According to this example, the condition of M>=N is true (since M is 10 and N is 5), and statement 1 will be executed. The execution of statement 3 follows that.


  • Pseudocode makes it easy to implement a program. It is the intermediary step between a formal programming language code and human language, and explains the purpose of a particular code in layman's terms. It is easy to write and requires a simple text editor (Microsoft Word or Notepad) to create pseudocode statements. Pseudocode requires minimal programming knowledge, and has few formal syntax rules. It saves time that is otherwise spent in debugging and testing codes, since it allows programmers to spot and correct errors.


  • Pseudocode can be lengthy and complicated when coding a complex problem. There are no standardized rules for writing pseudocode and it varies from company to company and individual to individual. Pseudocde offers no visual representation of code, making it difficult to ascertain the validity of certain statements.

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