Identification of a Treadle Sewing Machine


Treadle sewing machines are traditionally identifiable by their distinctive human-powered pedal mechanism. Instead of a standard electrical pedal, the old treadle machines had a foot-operated platform (called a treadle) located near the floor. The platform is often made of cast iron and rests between the iron supports under the sewing machine.

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Several people are credited with the invention of the treadle-style machine, but Isaac Singer was at the forefront of production and marketing in 1851 with the rigid-arm treadle machine. This type of sewing machine was a break-through in sewing technology because it freed the user’s hands to better control the fabric. Previous to the invention of the treadle, models featured a hand-crank that powered the needle.

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The Singer company and the White company were the primary makers of treadle sewing machines in the early to mid-1900s. White machines are less commonly found today than the Singer models, as Singer was a more aggressive company at the time. The National Sewing Company made many machines with different brand names, as did other companies including New Home, Davis, Standard, Free and Mason.

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Janome makes a new version of the treadle machine, a non-electric, foot-powered model that is sold separately from the treadle cabinetry. A few non-name-brand new treadle machines are available on the Internet and can be found using any search engine.

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Singer machines are a safer bet if you are looking to actually use the machine, because more Singer parts are currently available than parts for other brands. Some machines come with a cabinet, but not all brands of cabinets will be interchangeable with machines.

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A quality, sewing-grade oil is required to maintain treadle sewing machines. Regular oiling of every place where moving parts rub together will keep the machine ready for use.

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