What Is the Meaning of Oral Recitation?


English teachers can be sticklers for focusing students' attention on prefixes, and it can be a pleasant eye-opener when you discover why. Such may be the case when you're reading an assignment sheet and come across the term “oral recitation.” Rather than freeze or become nervous, look at the term carefully and apply a prefix lesson from your past.

Decode the Term

  • The prefix of the noun “recitation” is “recite,” which means to read or repeat. So if you're required to do an oral recitation, you will be required to read or recite something out loud, probably in front of your classmates. Your next question may be, “Will I have to do this from memory or can I read from a book or article?” That's a good question, and one that only your teacher can answer for you.

A Probable Purpose

  • You also may be wondering why you're being asked to do an oral recitation in the first place. In all likelihood, your teacher has twin purposes: She wants to hear how you decode and read words out loud and also wants to give your classmates the benefit of hearing someone other than herself impart information. As with all school assignments, be sure you practice the passage. Look for places to pause and appropriate words and phrases to emphasize -- and you're bound to do great.


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