Job Description for a Personnel Clerk


Most companies have a Human Resources department that handles employee-related matters. Personnel clerks typically do the clerical work of such departments, which involves a wide variety of duties including payroll, benefits, and employer-employee relations.


  • Personnel clerks keep the records on employees, which include personal data, tax information, attendance records, insurance and other benefit information, employee evaluations, and payroll data. Personnel clerks also study employee records to complete analysis, reports, and performance reviews.


  • Personnel clerks post job information and collect personal information, job applications, and resumes from prospective employees. They schedule interviews, screen applications, check references, request background checks, and administer employment tests. When an applicant is hired, personnel clerks arrange for required health screenings and communicate company procedures, policies, and benefits.

Administrative Duties

  • Personnel clerks use manual and automated information systems, including various computer programs, to maintain records, prepare documents, and input or retrieve payroll and benefit information. They may calculate wages and record them for payroll. Personnel clerks may be responsible for or help with correspondence, auditing, manuals, and accident reports.

Employee Status

  • Personnel clerks keep track of changes in employee status. This includes employee transfers, wage and benefit changes, address changes, license or certification additions or losses, and reason for termination. They keep records and help employees with paperwork that has to be filed for grievances, but usually are not involved in resolving employee conflict, as personnel managers are ordinarily responsible for this.


  • Personnel clerks should have skills for and experience in office practices, procedures, and equipment. Proficiency in computer use and data entry is essential. Personnel clerks must also be able to work well with people, to maintain confidentiality, and to communicate effectively.

Salary Information

  • Salary for personnel clerks varies according to years of experience, employer, location, and job duties. According to Career Builder, personnel clerks in the United States earn between $27,217 and 46,856. The national average salary for a personnel clerk is $36,706.

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