Dog Watch Vs. Invisible Fences


Both Dog Watch and Invisible Fences use hidden fence systems to contain your pets within the boundaries of your home, yard or property. While they both run on a transmitter and receiver collar arrangement, you should consider the several differences between the products before purchasing one system or the other.


The Dog Watch system is designed to keep your dog within your yard, without having to put up fencing or dog pens. It utilizes underground wire installed around the perimeter of your property along with a receiver collar that recognizes when your dog has gotten too close to the wire. It then gives the dog a small stimulation, like a low electric shock (called a"correction") which will encourage it not to try to go over the boundary again. Invisible Fences work in much the same manner, though the wire for the hidden fence can be strung up along existing fencing or run through ponds and pools, as it does not have to be installed only under the ground.

Fence Features

The Dog Watch underground fence can cover areas from small yards up to 200 acres. It is designed to be installed along the perimeter of the property as well as around smaller structures within the property that you do not want your pets getting into. The Invisible Fence can also be concealed on your property, though it does not need to be installed just under the ground. It can be attached to other fencing, including chain-link.

Transmitter Features

The Invisible Fence transmitters are fully-digital and customizable to your dog. They have both an audio and a visual warning system to let you know that they are operating correctly, and you can use a higher level of "correction" outside then you might want to use inside your home. As you are training your dog to work with the Invisible Fence, the transmitter allows you to use a "tone only" mode that may be gentler than the "correction" mode.

Dog Watch transmitters work on FM technology that works to keep the signal from breaking up due to outside interference. They have 20 levels of "correction" strength available, as well as an audible only setting that will warn your dog before it receives a "correction." There are several alerts in the Dog Watch transmitters, including one that lets you know there has been a change in the strength of the boundary wire and another that signals if the boundary wire has been broken.

Receiver Features

The Dog Watch receivers are waterproof, lightweight and come in different sizes for different-sized pets. They contain a status light so that you know they are working, and they have an automatic shutdown feature in case your dog wanders into the boundary area and stays there (to keep from "over-correcting"). The receivers offer several warning options, such as an alert before your dog reaches the boundary wire (instead of when it is traveling over it) and an audible alert letting it know it is reaching the wire (instead of an instant "correction").

The computer collars (or receivers) offered by Invisible Fence have programmable "correction" levels that are customized to your dog's size, age and personality. They also come in a variety of sizes to fits dogs from the largest to smallest breeds.


All pricing estimates for both Dog Watch and Invisible Fences are made on a case-by-case basis, depending on the size of your property and where you want your hidden fence installed. Both systems must be purchased from certified dealers who will be able to give you a price quote as well as help install the system and train you and your dog on how to use it.

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