Importance of Evaluations

Everyone, at some point or another has to be evaluated for some reason. It could be to transition from one grade to the next, to receive a license or certification or to make sure we have acquired a skill. Evaluations sometimes cause anxiety because some evaluations may require extensive preparation, and if the outcome is not positive it may lead to disappointment and other consequences. However, some measure of anxiety tends to push us to be adequately prepared.

  1. Social Recognition

    • According to Dale Carnegie, author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People," people enjoy receiving praise and compliments. When someone has performed well from an evaluation it increases her self-esteem and, depending on the evaluation, self-worth. When evaluations are performed in front of our peers, it allows us to portray our leadership qualities and our proficiency in the subject. When your peers are witness to your positive evaluations, they will tend to believe that they can depend on you, based on the skill you have successfully demonstrated.


    • Evaluations are an effective means of determining how much of a lesson or skill you grasped. For example, in martial arts, there are various levels or degrees of proficiency. To move from each level to the next you must be evaluated. Also in martial arts, evaluations allow you to see whether there was a particular exercise that you thought you perfected, but did not. Whether the result of your evaluation is negative or positive, it offers opportunities for improvement.

    Reputation of the Evaluator

    • Successful or unsuccessful evaluations can oftentimes reflect back to the person or organization that is teaching you the skills that are being evaluated. For example, if all Harvard graduates were unsuccessful in their jobs or were unable to complete the necessary requirements to graduate, then you might assume that the Harvard institution itself is not properly educating the students, giving the school a bad name.

    Financial Growth

    • Evaluations may be required to receive promotions and/or pay raises. Those who have undergone rigorous evaluations, like the bar exam, may be worthy of receiving the six-figure income that may be available to those who pass the exam successfully and go on to become lawyers.


    • Evaluations are necessary for certain businesses, organizations and other facilities to whom we entrust our money. Audits must be performed within certain businesses to ensure that money is ethically allocated. In order for company to be a publicly traded company, it must follow rules to protect the shareholders who are investing their hard-earned money. Hospitals and the military must follow rigorous evaluations in various departments to ensure that people's lives are not at risk.

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