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The body's internal temperature alerts us to the need for heat when we are exposed to the cold. Heat sources can be natural, such as sunlight. Heat, of course, can also be generated in manmade ways, such as fireplaces, central heating systems and portable heaters. Among several products available are the Amish heater and the EdenPure heater.

Convection Heating

  • Convection heaters operate by uniformly filling the room with heated air. Fan-forced air is pushed across ceramic heating elements or metal coils that are heated electrically, air then circulates around the room at the preset temperature. Place convection heaters as close to the floor as possible to allow them to draw in cold air and release warmed air.

Quartz Infrared Technology

  • The most recent advancement in the heating industry uses quartz infrared technology. Infrared light does not get hot, but creates noncombustible heat using quartz bulbs. Created in the same way as incandescent bulbs, quartz bulbs use tungsten wire encased by an extremely pure quartz cover. Copper heat exchangers absorb the heat created by the quartz bulb and then emit it into the atmosphere. It produces rapid, even heat by attaching to the available humidity throughout the area.

Amish Heater

  • Amish heaters provide portability combined with the look and feel of a real fireplace, in several wood finishes. Constructed of real wood by Amish craftsman, these heaters use convection heating technology allowing users to save money by heating just the room you intend to occupy. It comes with two heat settings, is delivered to your door, and requires no assembly or venting. Operation is safe, quiet and convenient through the use of an included remote control device.

Amish Heater Disadvantages

  • The heating unit contained inside the fireplace is apparently manufactured in China, and the much touted "miracle heater" is actually no more than an ordinary convection heater. This technology has been around for years. The appearance of burning logs is produced with a lightbulb, and some models use wood veneers instead of solid wood, with nail holes visible on the trim. The Amish heater is no more economical than an ordinary, electric heater, yet it is much more expensive. No thermostat is installed, making regulation of room temperature impossible.

EdenPure Heater

  • EdenPure heaters are portable and available in several colors with wood accents. Using quartz infrared technology, they heat rooms from 300 to 1,000 square feet and provide 2,300 to 5,000 BTUs. They provide smooth heat distribution. Some models come with remote controls and all have thermostats.

EdenPure Heater Disadvantages

  • Manufactured in Asia, the major complaint with the EdenPure has been the cost of the unit compared to the heat production and savings claimed. It is expensive to buy and hard to operate because of non-user-friendly temperature controls. It received the second-lowest score when compared with other heaters by Consumer Reports.

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