Alpine Car Stereo Instructions


Alpine is a respected name in car stereo equipment because of its reputation for manufacturing powerful receivers capable of handling varied car audio systems. While Alpine decks are equipped to handle complicated configurations, their functionality remains relatively user-friendly. There are a few basic controls on the Alpine receiver faceplate that will allow you to control all functions of your car stereo.

Getting Started

  • To turn on the Alpine unit, press the "Source" button located at the upper left corner of the faceplate. Setting the clock requires that you press and hold the function setup button labeled "F/Setup." When the clock on the display begins flashing, release the "F/Setup" button and rotate the rotary encoder (the rotating circle on the faceplate) to the correct hour. For setting minutes, press the enter button, labeled "Ent" located to the immediate right of the encoder, then rotate the rotary encoder until the correct minute is displayed. Press and hold the "F/Setup" button to return to the normal mode and end the time setting.

Listening to the Radio

  • Select the tuner mode by pressing the "Source" button. The word "Tuner" will appear on the display to show that you are ready to listen to the radio. Press the "Band" button to choose the band from which you wish to listen. Press the "Seek" controls to tune to a specific frequency. The "Seek" controls are marked with two arrows facing in the same direction. The arrows pointing left will change the frequency to a lower station; those pointing right will seek higher stations. To preset a station, press and hold one of the six preset buttons while on the desired station. The station will be set to that number for future option.

    Use the rotary encoder to adjust the volume level.

Playing CDs.

  • Press the "Open" button on the faceplate to insert a CD. The faceplate will open from the top. Insert a CD into the revealed slot with the label facing up. The CD will begin to play automatically at track number 1. To choose another track, press the "Track Forward" button labeled with two arrows pointing to the right. The button labeled with two arrows pointing to the left will select a previous track.

    To pause a playing CD, press the "Playback" button. Pressing the "Playback" button again will resume playing the track.

    To switch to another mode from CD playback, press the "Source" button until the desired mode is listed on the display.

Setting the Audio Levels

  • To adjust the audio levels, press the rotary encoder. In this mode, you can adjust the levels of the audio to your specific preferences. Press the rotary encoder to switch from subwoofer level to bass, treble, balance, fader and volume. At each category, rotate the rotary encoder until the level you prefer is selected. When you are finished adjusting the levels, press and hold the "Esc" button to return to the normal mode.

    To activate the "Loudness" function, press and hold the rotary encoder for more than two seconds from the normal mode. Press and hold again to turn the "Loudness" enhancement off.

Other Functions

  • The Alpine receiver has the ability to control other devices included in your audio system. To select another device such as an MP3 player or satellite radio, press the "Source" button until the device is displayed on the screen of the faceplate. Once the device is selected, you can control its function using the buttons used to control the CD player and radio. For iPod users, the iPod link allows you to control the playback of files using the iPod itself.

Removing and Attaching the Faceplate

  • For security purposes, you will have the ability to remove the Alpine faceplate when you leave your vehicle. To remove the faceplate, press "Open." The faceplate will swing open from the top and be connected at the hinge of the bottom. Grab the now-horizontal faceplate firmly. Slide the faceplate to the left and then pull forward.

    To replace the faceplate, insert the right side of the faceplate into the dock and press the left side into place. The faceplate will lock into place until removed.

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