Herbalife Vs. Nutrilite


When choosing a new diet, there are thousands upon thousands of options to pick from. Do you go more for over all health when choosing a new program? Or do you look for quick results that can get you ready for your up coming high school reunion? Two new diets that are becoming more and more popular by the day are the Herbalife Diet and the Nutrilite Diet.


  • The Herbalife diet is composed of protein drinks that are taken as substitutes for meals. Instead of eating a normal breakfast and lunch, you are instructed to drink one protein drink per meal. For dinner you are instructed to eat a healthy and well balanced meal. Overall you are only allowed to eat one "normal" meal each day. This diet plan is extremely effective, but is considered to be on the more costly end of comparable diets. On average, it will cost up to $4 to $5 per day to eat according to the designed diet.


  • The Nutrilite diet is made up of a line of health products. The line includes health bars, anti-oxidant, and vitamin supplements. These foods are eaten at every meal but are not the focus of the meal. Instead they are incorporated in your meal as a healthful addition. The Nutrilite diet focuses on being good for the environment as well by having all of their foods grown organically with focus on being environmentally friendly.


  • There are some similarities in these two diets. For example the Herbalife and Nutrilite diet both focus on over all health of the person who is taking them. They were created to provide the human body with ample nutrients and minerals to function at peak performance. Both the Herbalife and Nutrilite diet are meant to be taken by people who are wanting to change their over all health for the better.


  • Some of the differences between the two diets are the ultimate focus and purpose behind making them. The Herbalife diet focuses just on the health of the individual taking them, while the Nutrilite diet focuses on being organic and healthy. Also the Nutrilite diet focuses on leaving your life as normal as possible by trying to incorporate more healthy choices. The Herbalife diet, however, substitutes meals and takes the guess work out of the equation. They simply tell you what to eat in order to see your desired results.


  • No matter what diet you chose, it is important to do so with a great amount of research and consideration. Take you time and slowly think through why you are trying to go on a diet. Is it to get healthier, or is it to drop that last five pounds? Once you have determined your underlying reason, you will be able to make a more educated decision in choosing the best diet for you.

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