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OpenOffice is a free open-source alternative to proprietary office suites--including spreadsheets and databases--that relies on a worldwide network of users to contribute to improving the program and fixing any problems. As anybody can offer code for the program, OpenOffice experiences several problems due to coding inconsistency. Fortunately, OpenOffice's volunteer team has fixes for issues common to all aspects of the program.


  • OpenOffice problems almost always have a visual identification. Most problems will display some sort of error message describing the malfunction. Common warnings are "No Content" or "Package was Corrupt," according to OpenOffice's troubleshooting guide. Some issues are noticed when a saved file does not appear in the original format chosen by the user.


  • Most problems with OpenOffice occur due to conflicts in the code of the program and Windows operating systems, but sometimes due to errors in the program itself. A third major type of problem exists with third-party individuals interacting with OpenOffice's unique file type, according to OpenOffice. All these problems prevent the user from saving files or using OpenOffice.

Common Problems

  • Most of the occurrences when OpenOffice cannot start, a file named "Common.xcu" has become corrupted, reports OpenOffice Troubleshooter. Another common issue with files are the numbering and outlines not saving. Files may also simply stop working or accrue damage. If you are trying to use an OpenOffice file, the most common issue encountered is not being able to open files with the extensions ODT for word documents, ODS for spreadsheets and ODP for presentations, used by OpenOffice.


  • Always check for an updated version of OpenOffice. For error messages that state specific corrupted code in OpenOffice, the best solution requires the user to manually search for the code with Windows Explorer in the OpenOffice program file and delete it, reports OpenOffice. OpenOffice contains an effective, built-in recovery tool that can fix most damaged files. It is still a good idea to make backups before using the recovery tool.


  • OpenOffice relies on the feedback of its users to update the program and fix any bugs. Considering the amount of operating systems that can use OpenOffice, it is best to check the OpenOffice Query Database to see if anyone else has reported a similar problem. If no entry for a specific problem exists, users should create a entry with the OpenOffice problem reporting system, states OpenOffice.

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